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February 2024 - All about AI use and mis-use in your work. March Moderation. Student Drop-in sessions and recorded Webinars.
January 2024 - Awards of Achievement student winners. We are Prestige Award winners for the 3rd year running. UCAS. Drop-in sessions.
December 2023 - Christmas Closure. UCAS update. Info about 'ready for marking' process.
November 2023 - Drop-in sessions & Webinars, Recorded Webinars. New blending learning Degree Courses for nurses. Moderation updates. UCAS Buzzwords.
October 2023 - UCAS, November Moderation, October Online Drop-ins, Your questions answered.
September 2023 - UCAS Applications. Applying to Medical Schools. New Certification/Moderation opportunity in March. Q&A Dropins. Making best use of our Webinars.
August 2023 - Well done to our students! Congratulations to all who completed their Qualifications. What to do if you didn't complete in time.
July 2023 - Applying to UCAS for 2024 entry. Using the Library. Summer Leave. Growth Project Open Day. SAQs.
June 2023 - Congratulations to students Moderating, what to do if you missed it, about Assessment Deadlines, please leave us a review.
May 2023 - Coronation, Student Forum, Webinars, about Moderation, applying to Student Finance for degrees.
April 2023 - Easter break, April Webinars, Special Considerations Form.
March 2023 - Making the most of our Webinars and Resource Library. UCAS info, Student Finance England. Easter Closure details.
February 2023 - Drop-in student forum, checking for plagiarism and warning about free checking services plus the New Library.
January 2023 - Happy New Year! We have won the Prestige Award for best Online Course Provider of the Year 2022, the second year running. We are also celebrating 30 years since we started in 1993.
December 2022 - College closure dates, Webinars and UCAS. Why is the 'ready for marking' process important? Why do we ask you for word counts on your assessments?
November 2022 - Your questions answered. Recommend a Friend scheme. UCAS & November Moderation.
October 2022 - Awards for Outstanding Achievement Winners, Student Forum membership, November Moderation and more ...
September 2022 - Webinars, new Access to HE Diploma for Counselling, GCSE Results, UCAS and Passcode changes.
August 2022 - News about June Moderation Certificates, and reminders about UCAS.
July 2022 - Introducing our new refer a friend scheme, University clearing, Examined Unit changes and information about new Foundation Years from University.
June 2022 - Congratulations to our successful students. Going away this summer? Please send us your reviews.
May 2022 - June & November Moderation. Late University Application & Degree Financing. More about where our students are now!
April 2022 - June Moderation. Assessment upload allowance. Easter Closure. Assessment extensions. Biology Practical Investigation/Psychological Investigation Webinar.
March 2022 - Did you miss our ILP and Moderation Webinar? Student Action Group. Content Notes in Materials. More feedback from students who have completed their Access to HE Diplomas. Upgrading our Library.
February 2022 - End of the 'longest' month .... Congrats to students Certificating this month. Nurses and COVID vaccinations. Feedback from students who have graduated.
January 2022 - Our New Year resolutions. Ways we have improved our services and student experience.
December 2021 - Welcoming a new staff member, updates about moderation and important information about the college closure over Christmas.
November 2021 - Important moderation dates, UCAS application reminders and an update from our Student Action Group.
October 2021 - Introducing our new Student Action Group, congratulating our Awards of Achievement winners and the countdown to moderation.
September 2021 - Have you tried 'plogging'? The Swedish trend of running while litter-picking, has also become popular in the UK.
August 2021 - We have a new Qualification, the Advanced British International Diploma. Congratulations to all our students who have finished June Moderation with us this year!
July 2021 - Important Updates to our Assessment Policies. Requesting passwords advice and an amazing accomplishment by our tutor Jennifer Burgess-Thomas!
June 2021 - This month we are celebrating meeting the June 2021 moderation deadline. Congratulations to all our students who have finished June Moderation with us this year!
May 2021 - As June moderation approaches, we want to remind students to ensure any important dates are noted down, keep in contact with your tutors and most importantly, reward yourself for all your hard work so far!
March 2021 - The plan for easing the lockdown has been released, which gives us hope that things will slowly return to business as usual.
February 2021 - Are you still keeping your New Year's resolution? the difficult start we have had to the new year, we can only hope the rest of the year gets better!
December 2020 - When do the lights go up? (Take 2...) This newsletter contains important updates about the November Moderation period and closures over Christmas. We would like to wish all of our students a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year. We look forward to seeing you all again in 2021!
October 2020 - Happy Halloween! For students who are waiting on their certificates from June moderation, there has been a delay in certificates from the June moderation process being issued as the awarding body Ascentis have not been operating from their central offices. Certificates will be issued and distributed before the end of 2020. The Exams Office will email you with the relevant information as soon as they are ready to be dispatched. Also, here are some great last minute tips to enjoy Halloween safely this October!
September 2020 - As autumn is upon us, take advantage of the good weather when you can as winter fast approaches! Getting out in fresh air can help keep our minds focused and our moods positive. As Coronavirus cases are starting to rise again, and more restrictions are coming into play, we just want to remind you that DistanceLearningCentre.com services are still unlikely to be affected and will continue as normal.
August 2020 - What motivates you? It seems that we are getting back to normal here at DistanceLearningCentre.com, closed-book examinations will be returning very soon and a lot of our students are heading off to university in September!
July 2020 - New Access to HE Diplomas! This is our (usually) monthly newsletter that gives you some news and updates about what is going on with DistanceLearningCentre.com, our staff and our students.
June 2020 - Remember to take a moment to relax... We have 744 students going through moderation this month, what a fantastic achievement! Congratulations. We are so proud of all our students that have managed to work through this difficult time, well done!
May 2020 - Is it summer yet? We have had some beautiful weather over the past few weeks, making it truly start to feel like summer is on its way. This is the time of year where lots of our students will be coming to the end of their studies with us, and we want to wish them luck on their continued journey. If you are new to Distancelearningcentre.com then we would like to invite you to join our Facebook group, which is full of good tips and advice from other students that can help you in your studies.
April 2020 - Extraordinary times. Here at DistanceLearningCentre.com we have been working hard to make sure your studies go as smoothly as possible through these quite extraordinary times. We want to give a big welcome to all our new starters over the past two months! This is our newsletter that gives you some news and updates about what is going on with DistanceLearningCentre.com, our staff and our students. It is usually issued every month although there has been a slight delay in recent newsletters whilst we have focused on clarifying implications arising from the Coronavirus pandemic for all our students.
March 2020 - Tutor support is moving with the times. What's new at DistanceLearningCentre.com? We hope you have stayed safe during the terrible weather we have had let's hope spring is on its way soon! In this newsletter we will be telling you about some changes we have made to our Facebook Group, some interesting news and an introduction from our new Chemistry and Physics Tutor!
January 2020 - 25 years of distance learning. For the first Newsletter this year, we are sending you information about what to expect over the coming months. There are some tips on how to perform well at your University interviews and also some important dates for your diary, if you are aiming to complete your Access to HE Diploma in time for July certification.
December 2019 - The final Newsletter of the year brings you an update on our November moderation, plus a reminder about our closing times over the festive period. We would like to wish all of our students a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year. We look forward to seeing you all again in 2020!
October 2019 - Welcome to our October Newsletter. Important Reminder for Students aiming to enter Higher Education from early 2020 onwards.
July 2019 - Welcome to our July Newsletter. As we say 'cheerio and keep in touch' to our students who start university this September, we would also like to say 'hello and welcome' to all of the new students who are just starting their Access to Higher Education journey.
June 2019 - Welcome to the June 2019 newsletter! This month we are taking a look at some of the steps on the journey to successfully achieving your Access to HE Diploma and going to university!
May 2019 - Summer has almost arrived. Education and Wellbeing Open Day at the RAF Coningsby Airbase.
April 2019 - Welcome to the April 2019 newsletter! Spring is here and we hope you are looking forward to a well earned break from your studies over the bank holiday.
March 2019 - Welcome to the March 2019 newsletter! We hope you have enjoyed some of the recent amazing weather - spring is almost here, although its not quite with us yet!
November 2018 - Just a quick update this month, with some important information regarding our new automated payments system and applications for NUS TOTUM cards.
October 2018 - It's an info packed newsletter for you this month, with news from our successful GCSE students, our September '18 Alumni and information about our new Access to HE Diploma (Medicine), UCAS help for 2019 and December Certification.
August 2018 - Welcome everyone joining DistanceLearningCentre.com and reading our monthly Newsletter for the first time, and to our regular students.
June 2018 - We hope that those of you who have finished your courses and have been through moderation are feeling relaxed, and are able to enjoy the great weather which most of us at least are enjoying.
May 2018 - Another DLC newsletter so soon we hear you ask? As we have some important notifications for you this month regarding submitting work, we were keen to contact you again to ensure you're kept fully updated.
April 2018 - Spring is very much in the air and they're even promising some kind of heatwave in the next few days.
February 2018 - The DLC newsletter this month offers some useful and essential information on moderation for our Access to HE Diplomas, so please do take the time to read carefully.
January 2018 - We would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and hope 2018 is a good year for you.
November 2017 - We hope you are all wrapping up warm as this arctic blast descends on us.
October 2017 - It's been another month of celebration again as we saw two of our students recognised for their achievements by our Awarding body Ascentis.
September 2017 - Well autumn is now here, though frankly it is hard to tell the difference between summer wind and rain and autumn wind and rain.
August 2017 - University results 2017.
July 2017 - July has been a very busy month, particularly for Exams, and it got even busier in the last week as the June moderation certificates arrived at our offices.
June 2017 - Summer is finally here!.....well it is one week and then not so much the next!
May 2017 - Well we are coming to that time of year when many of our students are coming to the end of their studies.
April 2017 - Hard to believe we are already into May, though again it is hard to work out where we are in the year with the hot sunny days alternating with Arctic winds and snow!
March 2017 - Spring is finally here!
February 2017 - Certificates for the January External Moderation arrived with us in the office on the 16th of February.
January 2017 - Welcome to the first monthly newsletter from Distancelearningcentre.com.

The website and materials were easy to navigate and the Facebook group gave me extra reassurance and support.

The tutors were supportive, patient and most importantly motivated me to carry on when I found it tough. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing to gain an extra qualification to achieve their dream career. Emily


The learning materials were excellent and they exceeded my expectations. I would like to thank my family and the tutors for their amazing support.

I am happy to say to have secured a place to study a Nursing Degree this September. I cannot recommend them enough. Yannick


The course is excellently written with information perfectly explained for those who have been out of education.

I completed mine whilst working full time, undergoing several overseas military deployments in support of the COVID pandemic. I could not have done this without them, my tutors were with me every step of the way! John


Support of tutors, & the wider student community were fundamental in enabling me to overcome adversity. The peer support of fellow students proved a wonderful resource. People of all ages & backgrounds united in their desire to study & self-develop, quick to offer help & encouragement. So I became active in supporting others through the Facebook Group. Richard


I have dyslexia. They suited all my needs. It was flexible, affordable, and the modules offered would provide me with the fundamental basics to study a Law degree.

They did more than help me get into my dream Russell Group university studying Law. The whole experience finally made me feel academically worthy. Sam


Tutors and staff have been fantastic in helping me achieve the grades I need, as well as any other situations I needed support with.

I applied to 2 universities and have received conditional offers from both.

I have achieved more credits than the offer requires, it wouldn't have been possible without them. Aaliya


I loved the flexibility that comes with the course and the outstanding tutors.

I have since been offered a place from two universities to study a BSc in Adult Nursing.

It is in this regard that I strongly recommend them without hesitation for any person who would like to reboot their career. Mehluli


I was very nervous about beginning my studies as I thought that Access to HE Diplomas were aimed at mature students, being 17 at the time of beginning my studies. But I was so wrong!

The Diploma is for anyone wanting to enter higher education. The staff, and my tutors especially, couldn't have been more accommodating and supportive. Beth


From day one I found my tutors to be incredibly friendly, supportive and accessible. They encourage independent learning, but are always there to give guidance and answer questions of any kind.

The learning materials are brilliant; extremely thorough and logically laid out in topics and sub-topics, so you move smoothly through. Victoria


The materials were easy to follow. I received advice from others via the Facebook page & from my personal tutor, who was always so quick to answer any questions. During the modules, I developed my research methods & even my English improved. I am far more confident in finding the pros & cons of every theory. I now feel I am in a far better position & I am currently enrolled on an LLB Qualifying Law degree. Sean


They stood out for me because of their flexibility and affordability.

Enrolling to study remotely for a science course, was overwhelmingly nerve-wracking but my tutors were very kind, supportive and helpful. Their support allowed me to excel and achieve high grades. I have now secured a place at a university. Fanny