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Our Departments

Staffroom/Course Tutors - Your tutor is your main point of contact for any course you are studying, guiding your studies and helping you plan and achieve your learning goals. You will be given their contact details just before you start the course.

Student Services - Student Services provide help and advice about applications and enrolments, and the best course for your requirements. Working with your tutor, they also co-ordinate UCAS applications, and provide guidance about university offers and entry requirements.

Exams Office - The Exams Office manages your Awarding Body Registration and the checking and issuing of Certificates.

Technical Support - Technical Support can help you with IT, login or other website and email problems.

Finance Office - The Finance Office manages course fees and registration fees. It can also give help and advice about fee instalments, and options which may be available if you are struggling to meet the cost of your course.

Quality Department - The Quality Department ensures that we maintain and improve our excellent standards. They co-ordinate internal and external moderation and verification, and investigate any problems or complaints.

Curriculum Dev. - Curriculum Development are responsible for updating courses and developing new ones. They write course materials and assessments and work closely with awarding bodies to ensure that our courses meet formal requirements for quality, structure and content.

Promotion & Marketing - The Promotion and Marketing Department is responsible for promoting and advertising our courses and our Company. It is also responsible for managing our presence on social media, branding, web design and web development.

Directorate - The Directorate consists of executive and non-executive Directors. The executive Directors lead the management of the organisation, and are responsible for strategic management and development.