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University & HE Courses

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  1. Accounting
  2. Accounting and Finance
  3. Accounting and Finance with Professional Placement
  4. Accounting with Industrial/Professional Experience
  5. Adult Nursing
  6. Aesthetics Practitioner
  7. Air Transport and Commercial Pilot Training
  8. Ambulance Clinical Technicians Practice
  9. Anatomy, velopmental and Human Biology
  10. Ancient History and Philosophy
  11. Animal Behaviour and Conservation
  12. Anthropology
  13. Applied Anatomy
  14. Applied Biosciences
  15. Applied Business
  16. Applied Medical Sciences
  17. Applied Physics
  18. Applied Psychology, Archaeology
  19. Archaeology Anthropology and Art History
  20. Architectural Design Technology
  21. Architectural Engineering
  22. Architectural Technology
  23. Architecture
  24. Arts and Humanities
  25. Arts and Sciences
  26. Asia Pacific Studies
  27. Associate Ambulance Practice
  28. Aviation and Airport Management
  29. Audio and Music Technology
  30. Behavioural Sciences
  31. Biochemistry
  32. Biochemistry with Medical Biochemistry
  33. Biological Sciences
  34. Biology
  35. Biology and Modern Language
  36. Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences
  37. Biomedical Engineering
  38. Biomedical Sciences
  39. Biomedicine
  40. Bioscience
  41. Building Surveying
  42. Business
  43. Business and Finance
  44. Business Enterprise and Innovation
  45. Business Management
  46. Business and Marketing
  47. Business Management and Economics
  48. Business Management and English
  49. Business Management and Entrepreneurship
  50. Business Management Economics and Law
  51. Business Management with Enterprise
  52. Business Psychology
  53. Business with Finance
  54. Cancer Biology and Immunology
  55. Chemical Engineering
  56. Chemistry for Drug Discovery
  57. Chemistry
  58. Chemistry with Cosmetic Science
  59. Childhood and Early Years Studies
  60. Childhood and Youth Studies
  61. Childhood and Youth Studies with Psychology
  62. Childhood: Primary Education with QTS
  63. Childhood Studies
  64. Childhood Youth and Education Studies
  65. Child Nursing
  66. Children and Young People’s Nursing
  67. Children Young People and Families
  68. Children, Young People and Society
  69. Children and Young People's Nursing
  70. Chinese or Japanese Studies
  71. Chiropractice
  72. Clinical Optometry
  73. Clinical Psychology
  74. Clinical Sciences
  75. Clinical Technology
  76. Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience
  77. Community Health and Wellbeing
  78. Computer and Information Technology
  79. Computer Networks and Security
  80. Computer Science
  81. Conservation Biology
  82. Conservation Science and Animal Management
  83. Construction Management
  84. Construction Project Management
  85. Cosmetic Science
  86. Counselling and Psychotherapy
  87. Counselling Psychology
  88. Creative Writing
  89. Criminal Investigation with Psychology
  90. Criminal Justice
  91. Criminal Justice and Criminology
  92. Criminological and Forensic Psychology
  93. Criminology
  94. Criminology and Forensic Psychology
  95. Criminology and Forensic Studies
  96. Criminology and Psychology
  97. Criminology and Policing
  98. Criminology and Social Policy
  99. Criminology and Sociology
  100. Criminology and Law
  101. Criminology Policing and Forensic Investigation
  102. Critical Approaches in Counselling and Psychotherapy
  103. Cyber Security
  104. Cyber Security and Network Management
  105. Dental Hygiene
  106. Dental Hygiene and Therapy
  107. Dental Surgery
  108. Design for Future Living
  109. Diagnostic Imaging
  110. Diagnostic Radiography
  111. Diagnostic Radiography and Medical Imaging
  112. Dietetics
  113. Digital Games Development
  114. Early Childhood and Education Studies
  115. Early Childhood Education and Care
  116. Early Childhood Studies
  117. Early Years Development and Learning
  118. Earth and Planetary Sciences
  119. Earth Sciences
  120. Ecology
  121. Ecology and Conservation
  122. Ecology and Conservation Biology
  123. Ecology and Environmental Science
  124. Economics
  125. Economics and Finance
  126. Economics and Management
  127. Economics and Politics
  128. Economics Finance and International Business
  129. Education
  130. Education and Special Needs
  131. Education Psychology and Special Education Needs
  132. Education Studies
  133. Education Studies and Psychology
  134. Education with Psychology
  135. Educational Psychology
  136. Engineering
  137. English
  138. English and Creative Writing
  139. English and Journalism
  1. English Language and Linguistics
  2. English Literature
  3. English Literature and Psychology
  4. Environmental Health
  5. Environmental Science
  6. Esports
  7. Events Management
  8. Exercise and Sports Science
  9. Exercise Heath and Rehabilitation Science
  10. Fashion and Dress History
  11. Film
  12. Film and Screen Studies
  13. Finnish and French
  14. Food and Nutrition
  15. Food, Nutrition and Human Health
  16. Food Quality Safety and Nutrition
  17. Food Science Forensic and Analytical Science
  18. Football Studies
  19. Forensic Accounting
  20. Forensic and Criminological Psychology
  21. Forensic Investigation
  22. Forensic Psychology
  23. Forensic Psychology and Criminal Justice
  24. Forensic Science
  25. French
  26. French Studies
  27. Games Design
  28. Games Design and Development
  29. Geography
  30. Geography, Urban Environments and Climate Change
  31. Geology
  32. Global Health and Social Medicine
  33. Guidance and Counselling
  34. Heath and Exercise Science
  35. Health and Human Sciences
  36. Health and Social Care
  37. Health and Wellbeing
  38. Health and Wellbeing in Society
  39. Healthcare Science Cardiac Physiology
  40. Healthcare Science Physiological Science
  41. Health, Education and Wellbeing
  42. Health Professions
  43. Health Sciences
  44. Health Studies
  45. Horticulture
  46. Human Biology
  47. Human Geography
  48. Human Nutrition
  49. Human Nutrition and Dietetics
  50. Human Resource Management
  51. Immunology
  52. Information Management for Business
  53. Integrated Health and Social Care
  54. Interior Architecture and Design
  55. International Business, Finance and Economics
  56. International Development
  57. International Law and Globalisation
  58. International Relations
  59. International Relations and Diplomacy
  60. International Relations and Global Development
  61. International Relations and Korean
  62. International Relations and Politics
  63. International Relations, Politics and Security Studies
  64. International, Social and Public Policy
  65. International Tourism and Management
  66. Introduction to Health Sciences
  67. Investment and Finance in Property
  68. Japanese
  69. Japanese Studies with International Experience
  70. Journalism
  71. Journalism Media and Culture
  72. Korean
  73. Korean TESOL and Linguistics
  74. Land Economy
  75. Law
  76. Law LLB
  77. Law with American Studies
  78. Law with Chinese
  79. Law with Criminology
  80. Law with International Study
  81. Law with Politics
  82. Law with Politics and Human Rights
  83. Law with Professional Experience
  84. Learning and Teaching
  85. Learning Disability Nursing
  86. Learning Disability Nursing and Social Work
  87. Linguistics
  88. Linguistics and French
  89. Management
  90. Management and Digital Innovation
  91. Management and Entrepreneurship
  92. Marine and Fresh Water Biology
  93. Marine Biology
  94. Marine Biology and Coastal Ecology
  95. Marine Environmental Science
  96. Marketing
  97. Marketing and Advertising
  98. Marketing Management
  99. Master of Chiropractice
  100. Master of Nursing
  101. Mechanical Engineering
  102. Media and Journalism
  103. Medical Biochemistry
  104. Medical Biology
  105. Medical Imaging
  106. Medical Physiology
  107. Medical Sciences
  108. Medicine
  109. Mental Health Nursing
  110. Midwifery
  111. Midwifery with Leadership
  112. MLaw
  113. MN Integrated Masters
  114. Modern History and English Literature
  115. Modern Language
  116. Molecular Cell Biology
  117. Molecular Biology and Genetics
  118. MPhysiotherapy
  119. MSc Nursing
  120. Multi Media Journalism
  121. Music
  122. Natural Sciences
  123. Neural Engineering with Psychology
  124. Neuroscience
  125. Nursing Paramedic
  126. Nursing (Adult)
  127. Nursing Associate
  128. Nursing (Child)
  129. Nursing (Learning Difficulties)
  130. Nursing (Mental Health)
  131. Nursing with Leadership
  132. Nutrition
  133. Nutrition and Dietetics
  134. Nutrition and Health
  135. Nutrition and Medical Sciences
  136. Nutrition Exercise and Health
  137. Nutrition Food Science
  138. Nutrition, Sport and Exercise Science
  139. Occupational Therapy
  1. Operating Department Practice
  2. Optometry
  3. Oral and Dental Health
  4. Oral and Dental Health Sciences
  5. Oral Health Sciences
  6. Orthoptics
  7. Osteopathic Medicine
  8. Osteopathy
  9. Paramedicine
  10. Paramedic Practice
  11. Paramedic Science
  12. Paramedic Science and Out of Hospital Care
  13. Pharmaceutical and Chemical Sciences
  14. Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Sciences
  15. Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  16. Pharmaceutical Science
  17. Pharmacology
  18. Pharmacy, Technology and Business
  19. Philosophy
  20. Philosophy and Economics
  21. Philosophy and Politics
  22. Philosophy Ethics and Religion
  23. Philosophy, Politics and Economics
  24. Physical Activity and Health Promotion
  25. Physical Activity and Sport Health
  26. Physical Education
  27. Physical Education and School Sport
  28. Physics
  29. Physiological Science
  30. Physiology
  31. Physiotherapy
  32. Physiotherapy with Integrated Masters
  33. Plant Biology
  34. Plant Science
  35. Podiatry
  36. Policing
  37. Policing and Criminal Investigations
  38. Policing and International Relations
  39. Political Economy
  40. Politics
  41. Politics and Economics
  42. Politics and International Relations
  43. Politics and Sociology
  44. Politics International Studies and Global Sustainability
  45. Politics, Sociology and East European Studies
  46. Population Health and Medical Sciences
  47. Primary Education with QTS
  48. Primary Mathematics Education (QTS)
  49. Primary Teaching (QTS)
  50. Professional Policing
  51. Professional Practice in Health and Social Care
  52. Project Management for Construction
  53. Property Development and Planning
  54. Property Finance and Investment
  55. Prosthetics and Orthotics
  56. Psychodynamic Practice
  57. Psychological and Behavioural Science
  58. Psychology
  59. Psychology and Child Development
  60. Psychology and Counselling
  61. Psychology and Criminology
  62. Psychology and Education
  63. Psychology and Sociology
  64. Psychology (Counselling and Mental Health)
  65. Psychology (Educational and Developmental)
  66. Psychology (Forensic)
  67. Psychology (Mental Health)
  68. Psychology, Psychotherapy and Counselling
  69. Psychology with Clinical Psychology
  70. Psychology with Counselling and Psychotherapy
  71. Psychology with Criminology
  72. Psychology with Education
  73. Psychology with Forensic Investigation
  74. Psychosocial Studies
  75. Psychotherapy
  76. Psychotherapy and Counselling (Integrated Masters)
  77. Public Health
  78. Public Health and Community Wellbeing
  79. Public Health and Health Promotion
  80. Quantity Surveying
  81. Radiography (Diagnostic Imaging)
  82. Radiotherapy
  83. Radiotherapy and Oncology
  84. Real Estate
  85. Real Estate Development and Management
  86. Real Estate and Property Management
  87. Real Estate Surveying
  88. Real Estate with Professional Placement
  89. Rehabilitation Work
  90. Renewable Energy
  91. Science Education with QTS
  92. Science with Foundation Year
  93. Social Care and Health and Wellbeing
  94. Social Care and Health Studies
  95. Social Policy and Politics
  96. Social Policy and Criminology
  97. Social Science
  98. Social Work
  99. Social Work and Applied Social Studies
  100. Sociology
  101. Sociology and Criminolgy
  102. Sociology and Psychology
  103. Special Educational Needs, Disability and Inclusion
  104. Speech and Language Pathology
  105. Speech and Language Sciences
  106. Speech and Language Therapy
  107. Sport and Exercise Science
  108. Sport and Exercise Medical Science
  109. Sport and Exercise Nutrition
  110. Sport and Exercise Psychology
  111. Sport and Exercise Rehabilitation
  112. Sport and Exercise Therapy
  113. Sport Coaching
  114. Sport Rehabilitation
  115. Sport Exercise and Health Sciences
  116. Sports Therapy
  117. Sports Journalism
  118. Sports Management and Development
  119. Strength and Conditioning
  120. Strength and Conditioning Science
  121. Theatre, Film and Media Studies
  122. Therapeutic Radiography
  123. Therapeutic Radiography and Oncology
  124. Tourism Development
  125. Urban Design
  126. Urban Planning
  127. Veterinary Medicine and Science
  128. Veterinary Medicine and Surgery
  129. Veterinary Physiotherapy
  130. Veterinary Science
  131. Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Science
  132. Working with Children and Families
  133. Working with Children Young People and Families
  134. Zoological Management
  135. Zoology
  136. Zoology with Animal Behaviour
  137. Zoology with Professional Experience

The website and materials were easy to navigate and the Facebook group gave me extra reassurance and support.

The tutors were supportive, patient and most importantly motivated me to carry on when I found it tough. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing to gain an extra qualification to achieve their dream career. Emily


The learning materials were excellent and they exceeded my expectations. I would like to thank my family and the tutors for their amazing support.

I am happy to say to have secured a place to study a Nursing Degree this September. I cannot recommend them enough. Yannick


The course is excellently written with information perfectly explained for those who have been out of education.

I completed mine whilst working full time, undergoing several overseas military deployments in support of the COVID pandemic. I could not have done this without them, my tutors were with me every step of the way! John


Support of tutors, & the wider student community were fundamental in enabling me to overcome adversity. The peer support of fellow students proved a wonderful resource. People of all ages & backgrounds united in their desire to study & self-develop, quick to offer help & encouragement. So I became active in supporting others through the Facebook Group. Richard


I have dyslexia. They suited all my needs. It was flexible, affordable, and the modules offered would provide me with the fundamental basics to study a Law degree.

They did more than help me get into my dream Russell Group university studying Law. The whole experience finally made me feel academically worthy. Sam


Tutors and staff have been fantastic in helping me achieve the grades I need, as well as any other situations I needed support with.

I applied to 2 universities and have received conditional offers from both.

I have achieved more credits than the offer requires, it wouldn't have been possible without them. Aaliya


I loved the flexibility that comes with the course and the outstanding tutors.

I have since been offered a place from two universities to study a BSc in Adult Nursing.

It is in this regard that I strongly recommend them without hesitation for any person who would like to reboot their career. Mehluli


I was very nervous about beginning my studies as I thought that Access to HE Diplomas were aimed at mature students, being 17 at the time of beginning my studies. But I was so wrong!

The Diploma is for anyone wanting to enter higher education. The staff, and my tutors especially, couldn't have been more accommodating and supportive. Beth


From day one I found my tutors to be incredibly friendly, supportive and accessible. They encourage independent learning, but are always there to give guidance and answer questions of any kind.

The learning materials are brilliant; extremely thorough and logically laid out in topics and sub-topics, so you move smoothly through. Victoria


The materials were easy to follow. I received advice from others via the Facebook page & from my personal tutor, who was always so quick to answer any questions. During the modules, I developed my research methods & even my English improved. I am far more confident in finding the pros & cons of every theory. I now feel I am in a far better position & I am currently enrolled on an LLB Qualifying Law degree. Sean


They stood out for me because of their flexibility and affordability.

Enrolling to study remotely for a science course, was overwhelmingly nerve-wracking but my tutors were very kind, supportive and helpful. Their support allowed me to excel and achieve high grades. I have now secured a place at a university. Fanny