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I have complete confidence in myself going into university and this is just the start of my journey! - Dom Potter

Image of Dom Potter

Ever since I was young being a musical theatre performer was all I knew. I left school halfway through my A-levels to pursue a career as a professional performer. I was lucky enough to achieve a place at one of the top drama schools in London and once I graduated at 21 years old, I was able to tour the country and experience some amazing things. However, once performing became my full-time job, it started to take the passion and the joy out of it. Being self-employed, when the pandemic hit, my job and career that I’d worked the majority of my life for was completely taken away overnight and I was devastated, however, I took this knock back as a sign that the path for my life was elsewhere. In school I had always had an interest in the sciences and medicine and thought that healthcare might be the vocation for me. Having no qualifications and being out of education for nearly 5 years, I had no idea about the process of getting into university and becoming a nurse.

After researching, I came across DistanceLearningCentre.com and was amazed that I could do a course from the comfort of my own home that will give me everything I need to get into university. I never saw myself as academic and had very little confidence that I would get through the course and was truthfully terrified as to how I was going to pass the course without the typical classroom and teacher set up. Once I started, the amazing skill developmental units and immense support and detailed feedback from my tutors helped me to create an amazing personal statement and structure professional and high quality essays that began to return an abundance of positive feedback and distinction grades, which ignited a new flame of inspiration in me to achieve my goals. I felt ready and started to trust in my ability to achieve. The balance of positive and constructive feedback from tutors is unmatched from any educational experience I’ve seen before. The brilliant study resources including tutor support sessions and in-depth assistance on everything university, from application to interview, is something I wouldn’t have got through the course without. I have learned how to self-motivate and study independently which is something I was terrified of before starting the course but will now be my biggest asset going into university.

Now that I have completed the course with all distinctions and one merit (the results still shock me!), I can truly say that I am proud of myself for being able to get the results I got whilst working part time and volunteering for my local hospital. I am now featured on the official NHS research study for volunteer experiences and I have now been offered an unconditional place at an amazing university to study adult nursing (including an offer from a Russell Group University!) and I hope someday to become a nurse practitioner and progress as far as I can in my career. Without DistanceLearningCentre.com, I wouldn’t be where I am today, the drive and passion I have for achieving my dreams is all a credit to my tutors and the amazing resources DistanceLearningCentre.com offer. I have complete confidence in myself going into university and this is just the start of my journey!

If you ever feel like you can’t achieve, because of a lack of qualifications or you didn’t do well at school or you want to change career, you can do anything you put your mind to and your background or age will never be a detriment to how far you can go. It all starts with you and with help from DistanceLearningCentre.com you can achieve goals that you never thought possible. (June 2023)

I found the course the perfect way for me to study - Florence Nalletamby

Image of Florence Nalletamby

I had always been unsure about getting back into education, especially with a new baby and a toddler. I wasn’t sure I would be able to manage it, but I wanted to open up my career and future study options so decided to go for it.

I found the course the perfect way for me to study, the materials were easy to read and the flexibility of setting your own deadlines within the overall deadline was really brilliant for me. The tutors are there if you need any extra help and I am thrilled with the results I gained from this course. (November 2022)

I've learned from DistanceLearningCentre.com how powerful it is to have faith in oneself and that everything is achievable. - Sumeera Qayyum

Image of Sumeera Qayyum Outstanding Achievement Logo

Due to personal reasons, I was unable to finish my A Levels. In addition to having dyslexia, I find it extremely difficult to comprehend or write about numbers. I attended a school where students with special needs were punished for not being able to succeed and their needs were not even acknowledged. Even though I had been struggling for 21 years in secret, I received an official diagnosis of severe depression, anxiety, and cPTSD in 2022. I was first reluctant to talk about mental health concerns since they have long been seen as a weakness. However, I've learned to turn my weaknesses into strengths and now believe that everybody has the right to reach out for help. 

Despite my condition, as a child, I was constantly compared to others, felt sad and misunderstood, and lacked any self-esteem at all. I dropped out of school and went on to acquire a diploma in photography before beginning my career as a wedding photographer. After 12 years of working as a professional photographer, I reached my limit and needed help with my mental health. A fascination with the human brain's workings and the realization that everything in my life was a reflection of others and not myself commenced when I started attending therapy sessions. After 12 years of being away from school, I started digging deeper into the field of psychology and decided to change my career.

Even though I was really nervous when I found out about DistanceLearningCentre.com, I soon started to believe in myself. I received a call from the support team within an hour of disclosing my disability and mental health conditions, all they were concerned about was my well-being.

I had aimed to complete my diploma in 6 months and be ready for June moderation, yet shortly after the start of the diploma, there was a tragic death in my family of a loved one I was incredibly close to, leading my depression to return to an advanced state. I discussed it with my tutors and they were supportive. I finished the diploma approximately 4 months after submitting the mathematics unit. I was collapsing near the end of the course and had to face my fears of numbers again in the Psychological Practical unit. The statistics and numbers were daunting and caused anxiety attacks, but there was definitely no turning back and I achieved a distinction in my Practical unit. Due to my dyslexia, I had to use text-to-speech to go through the materials, which took longer, and I found myself in a race against time to finish the Diploma. When I initially downloaded the materials for the Psychological Practical, I assumed I'd achieve a Pass; however, the materials were incredibly useful and informative, and my tutor was always willing to assist me with prompt and detailed responses. For the very first time in my life, my tutors have taught me how to believe in myself and have been encouraging. I've achieved distinctions throughout, which was beyond my wildest dreams when I first started the diploma.

I've learned from DistanceLearningCentre.com how powerful it is to have faith in oneself and that everything is achievable. I've been accepted to university and will begin my path toward becoming a psychologist soon. My sole purpose in life right now is to support everyone experiencing difficulties similar to mine.

My story… has just begun (June 2023)

I felt supported the whole way through my course - Freya Block

Image of Freya Block

When I first left school, I didn’t want to go to university. I wanted to get experience in a range of childcare settings to see if childcare was what I really wanted to do. After years of working in this field I knew it was what I wanted to do and that I wanted to go to university to open more doors for my future.

I have now competed my course at DistanceLearningCentre.com and will be doing Childhood Studies at University, and then on to a masters in Speech and Language Therapy.

I highly recommend DistanceLearningCentre.com. The support from tutors and feedback after completing assignments is very good and helpful. I felt supported the whole way through my course with my assignments, and when applying for UCAS. (June 2023)

I had the best support ever. I had the best tutors ever. - Natalia Turcan

Image of Natalia Turcan

DistanceLearningCentre.com gave me the opportunity to achieve an Access to Higher Education Diploma in Nursing and Midwifery. My dream of become a nurse will become reality very soon. I applied to university, and my journey will start in September.

I had the best support ever. I had the best tutors ever. [I] learnt a lot from my tutors: to have a centred person approach, to be patient, to appreciate the effort of the students not only the final results, to tell them that they can do their work even when you think that they can fail, to support them to progress when they take decision to give up because they find the course difficult.

When I had technical problems with my account, I received support in no time. Every message was taken as very important and I always received support in any situation. I cannot believe I could do this. Yes, it is a hard job, but with determination and support I could do it.

Thank you for being the best DistanceLearningCentre.com! (November 2022)