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To demonstrate just how proud we all are of your success, we have created the Awards of Achievement, which are awarded annually to our ten most oustanding students.

The winners get back half the cost of their course fees!

Given every chance to succeed because of the flexibility and great materials - James Turone

Image of James Turone

I searched online for a course, and discovered DistanceLearningCentre.com. I found the Access to HE Diploma and thought it sounded good and initially chose Humanities, but later decided to switch to Social sciences (Psychology and Criminology).

I have always thought I was capable, but never proved it to myself; completing this course has lifted my confidence. I am now going to a university, and feel I have earnt a place there.

My Access to HE Diploma took motivation and commitment, but I was given every chance to succeed because of the flexibility and great materials; the course design was straightforward. I would definitely recommend DistanceLearningCentre.com to others. (June 2017)

I feel that I am a lot more prepared for university - Dana Hickson

Image of Dana Hickson

David J Moore Memorial Bursary Winner - this award is made by Ascentis, the Awarding Body for our Access Diplomas. Winners receive £400. Each of Ascentis' 57 centres are asked to submit nominees for each of 2 categories, so competition for this bursary is intense. We, at DistanceLearningCentre.com, would like to congratulate Dana on this fantastic achievement.

Having not achieved the grades I expected in my A Levels, I was unsure as to what I wanted to do next. Eventually, I accepted a teaching assistant job and instantly fell in love with working with children. I knew that I wanted to pursue a career in teaching so I emailed universities to find out what I could do to achieve my ambition. They suggested that I complete an access course through DistanceLearningCentre.com, so I took the plunge and signed up to the Access to HE Diploma in primary teaching, specialising in English.

I was very apprehensive as to how I would cope with the course and soon realised that I needed to dedicate a lot of time to the assessments if I was going to achieve the grades I needed for my university degree. However, I accepted the challenge!

My experience with DistanceLearningCentre.com has been excellent. The tutors have always been helpful and have worked around my work schedule in order to fit in tutorials. I have also gained lots of valuable skills, which in turn have enhanced my role as a classroom assistant, such as time-management, organisation and working independently. I feel that I am a lot more prepared for university and now understand some of the expectations that will be placed upon me due to my experience working towards my Access to HE Diploma.

This course has helped me to overcome the anxiety I had in my ability to achieve my ambitions; it has made me grow in confidence and improved my self-esteem. (Jun 2017)

Being able to study in the comfort of my own home, with my new-born was so fantastic - Rebekka Hall

Image of Rebekka Hall

I came across DistanceLearningCentre.com shortly after having my first baby. After getting poor grades at college, due to the rush of finishing because I had fallen pregnant, I thought my dreams of becoming a midwife would have to be put on hold.

I was anxious about being able to cope with the demands of the course, but despite this, decided to start the course when my baby was just a few weeks old. At first it was difficult as to succeed you really need to dedicate a lot of time, but I soon got into the swing of things. Midwifery is a very competitive degree to get into, but DistanceLearningCentre.com helped me to be invited to interviews from all 5 universities that I applied to. I declined two invites but attended the other 3 and subsequently I received 3/3 offers including an offer at the top University for Midwifery in England.

Being able to stay and study in the comfort of my own home, with my new-born, was so fantastic and suited me so well. If you think it's what you want, then definitely do it! (Jun 2017)

I have learnt some skills that I can take with me for the rest of my life - Victoria Wade

Image of Victoria Wade

Before starting a psychology and criminology Access to HE course with DistanceLearningCentre.com, I was at a loss for ways in which I could pursue my dreams of going to university and getting a career in a field I enjoy.

I couldn't give up my full time job to go back to college for a number of reasons, so distance learning was perfect for me. I am not going to lie and say it's easy, but if you put the work in, you will be guaranteed great support from your tutors and just as high a chance at achieving your goals. After finishing my course, I have achieved majority distinctions and am off to university in September 2017 to study criminology and psychology.

Starting this course was one of the best decisions I have ever made, and I have learnt some skills that I can take with me for the rest of my life, in education, and out. (Jun 2017)

Encouraged me to learn a new subject and embark on a new career - Kelly Fifield-James

Image of Kelly Fifield-James

Changing career is scary but exhilarating, choosing to do this at 44 years old was mind-blowing but I knew I had to do it. My current job as a Payroll Lead wasn't fulfilling anymore, I needed something more.

After several discussions with my family and employer I choose to go into the Health Care Profession. Studying the Access to Higher Education (Allied Health Professionals) enabled me to do this whilst still working. Yes it was hard work, yes there were long nights but prioritising studies coupled with the support of my family, friends and tutor, I gained confidence in my knowledge and skills.

Now I am looking to start Adult Nursing at the University of Portsmouth in Sept 2017. DistanceLearningCentre.com encouraged me to learn a new subject and embark on a new career which I will always be thankful for. My top tips are keep your Individual Learning Plan updated, don't doubt yourself and use the DistanceLearningCentre.com forum when you are stumbling as it provides brilliant advice and student's comments, making distance learning a flexible and realistic way to learn new skills. (Jun 2017)