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2015-2016 page 6

The course is basically tailored to meet your requirements

Brilliant support from the tutors, they want you to pass and they want you to make it - Katarina Novak

Katarina Novak

I have worked with children since I was 19 years old. I'm currently working in a school environment and the feeling that I wanted to move further up and expand my education became part of my life.

In the meantime I became a mother too, so physically going to school was next to impossible for me. I was searching for distance learning courses and came across DistanceLearningCentre.com. I signed up for Childhood Studies (Science) and here I am having completed the whole course!

Thank you for brilliant support from the tutors, because they want you to pass and they want you to make it! They are also the ones who make the study enjoyable. It was hard, but not impossible after all! I'm starting University in September. (Jun 16)

I would urge anyone wanting to embark on a new life journey to take the leap and follow their dreams - Lisa Clark

Lisa Clark

Nursing is something I've always wanted to do but when I was younger didn't pursue it due to a lack of confidence in my abilities. Working as a domestic assistant in a hospital made me realise that nursing was the right path for me. I have first-hand experience of the fantastic job nurses do, my auntie was a paediatric nurse and I continue to be inspired by exceptional nurses that I work alongside on a daily basis.

The idea of becoming a qualified nurse seemed a distant dream, as I couldn't afford to leave my job to undertake the Access Course I needed to get into university. I was lucky enough to hear about DistanceLearningCentre.com via The Mid Yorks NHS Trust who also funded my place on the Access Course.

Independent learning is a very demanding and lonely journey that requires a great deal of determination and perseverance. With the support of my husband, family and colleagues I have been able to exceed my own expectations. It has been hard work managing a full time job, volunteer work, driving lessons and studying the access course, but receiving offers from my chosen universities has made all the effort worthwhile.

I'm pleased to say I will be beginning the Bsc (Hons) Child Nursing degree in September 2016 and urge anyone wanting to embark on a new life journey to take the leap and follow their dreams. (Jun 16)

It has spring-boarded me in my new chosen career - Ben Brownlow

Ben Brownlow

Fab5 Award Nominee

After two years of travelling around the world I returned back to England and decided to make a career change as I was not enjoying my former career as a carpenter.

After being out of education for 7 years it was very daunting beginning my Physiotherapy Access Course. With the great support from my tutors and the flexibility and the structure of the course it helped me a great deal to get over this initial feeling and helped me juggle studying with a full time job.

I'm so glad I chose DistanceLearningCentre.com as it has spring-boarded me in my new chosen career in physiotherapy. It has given me great confidence and optimism for beginning my three year course at university. It has been the best decision to go back to education and change careers.

I would recommend DistanceLearningCentre.com to people from all stages of life, it is never too late to change and improve your life! (Jun 16)

The course is basically tailored to meet your requirements - Georgia Bacon

Georgia Bacon

Fab5 Award Nominee

Moving home to look after a sick relative, I thought I would have to put my plans of studying for an Access Course on hold - that's until I discovered DistanceLearningCentre.com.

The past year has been incredibly difficult however my tutor has made it so much easier by always being incredibly patient, empathetic and understanding with me. I think you get out what you put in with the course - if you work hard and put the effort in, you will be rewarded. The resources you are given are exceptional and the course is basically tailored to meet your requirements.

Thanks to my tutor's encouragement and support, I achieved full distinctions and will be attending my first choice university; allowing me to turn my dream of becoming a Social Worker into a reality. DistanceLearningCentre.com has opened so many doors for me and I'm excited to see where the future takes me! (Jun 16)

I was challenged by the modules at first but soon found the flow of studying again - Ruth Everatt

Ruth Everatt

I have just completed the 'access to paramedic science' level 3 course with DistanceLearningCentre.com. It has been such an intense journey for me. I made the decision over a year ago that I wanted to train to be a paramedic. The only problem facing me was that I lacked the science A-levels (choosing more arts related subjects when I first attended sixth form college 10 years ago) to apply for university. I had been working in customer service most of my life but didn't feel fulfilled.

A friend recommended DistanceLearningCentre.com to me and I began studying for the course. I loved revisiting psychology; I was challenged by the modules at first but soon found the flow of studying again. Biology was tough for me, I'd never studied it at this level, but after utilising as many resources as I could find, I had a few light bulb moments where it just clicked and I now feel like I understand the world I live in thanks to biology!

I think to gain success with an Access Course, or any type of distance learning requires commitment and discipline. The thought of training to be a paramedic, my dream job (although coming a bit later in life) kept me motivated. I have been juggling a full time, intensive job with the NHS and even changed careers and moved house during my studies. The tutors have been very flexible, as I had to extend my final deadline by a month, due to extending the deadlines of assessments throughout. My tutors have understood that life sometimes gets in the way of study, and I was able to change deadlines to represent the time I needed to focus.

I've finished with all distinctions in my assessments and an offer to study Paramedic science at St George's university in London in September. I will always be grateful to DistanceLearningCentre.com, as it has given me a second chance to completely change my career, area of study and ultimately my life. And yes, you can do it too! (Jun 16)

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