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2015-2016 page 11

I was one of the naughty ones at school. I wasn't ready to knuckle down and take life and studying seriously

Distance learning suited me very well. The course material and support given was excellent - Becky Hubbard

Becky Hubbard

I completed an access to midwifery course with DistanceLearningCentre.com. I had a full time job working with people with mental health issues and I completed my studies in my own time.

I would never have had time to go to college so distance learning suited me very well. The course material and support given was excellent.

Completing the course has given me an acceptance in the University of East Anglia to study adult nursing. Thank you very much DistanceLearningCentre.com, I really appreciate everything you've done. (Jun 16)

I will be going to university to do education studies to become a primary school teacher - Gemma Parker

Gemma Parker

I've been with my partner for nearly 10 years and we have 2 amazing 16 month old twins. Before I had them I was a debt counsellor/advisor but felt I wanted to move into teaching.

So, on completion of my access course I will be going to Bishop Grosseteste University to do education studies to become a primary school teacher. So excited! (Jun 16)

I've learnt new skills and techniques which will be invaluable for higher education - Caroline Fitzpatrick

Caroline Fitzpatrick

I enrolled on the Access to HE Diploma in January 2015 to start the process of gaining a new career in Physiotherapy. Having left college early to start work I never gained the UCAS credits required to go to university. Now 15 years later, going back to education was a daunting prospect.

I have had a manual job for the last 6 years and felt that my academic abilities had diminished during this time. However, I exceeded all of my expectations. The course was hard and challenging at times, requiring motivation and commitment. I found though, that the satisfaction of being awarded a distinction for an assignment and being one step closer to a new career was all I needed to continue.

The flexibility of being able to put the course on hold halfway through allowed me to take much needed time out to organise my wedding.

Having now completed the course I feel much more confident with my writing, researching and referencing abilities. I've learnt new skills and techniques which will be invaluable for higher education. My application to university is on hold now while I welcome the arrival of our first baby. However, I look forward to continuing with my studies in the near future following the grounding that DistanceLearningCentre.com has given me. (Jun 16)

Fab5 Award Winner 2016 - Leanne McKie

Leanne McKie

I was one of the naughty ones at school. I wasn't ready to knuckle down and take life and studying seriously. And as some of you may well know, I came out of school with no qualifications and was told to set my career goals to the dazzling heights of the hosiery industry. School had knocked the confidence out of me and I believed that I was just not suited to academia. With this knowledge I resigned myself to a life of manual jobs and bar work. Luckily my break came when I worked my way up through work based training within health care. I went from being care worker within a residential home, to an NHS healthcare /rehab assistant and then to being a therapy support worker supporting occupational therapists and physios on a very busy oncology ward.

I never thought that one day I would be able to qualify as an occupational therapist and that academically and financially it was way out of my reach. But by having done well at most of my in work training and getting very complimentary feedback from colleagues about my progress, I thought hang on, I might actually be able to do this.

I searched online and found DistanceLearningCentre.com. I contacted the college and they advised me which courses I needed to take and to also look into relevant universities that taught occupational therapy and what qualifications I needed in order to study there. My tutors gave me a welcome telephone tutorial to let me know what was expected of me which gave me a boost in confidence, they also answered all of my questions no matter how small or daft and gave me the encouragement I needed to make me believe that I could complete my course.

I found out that there was a possibility that funding would be cut on my chosen degree, so I thought I would apply for the intake for 2016 and cut my deadline for finishing my access course and 2 GCSEs from 12 months to 8 months. As well as working a full time job, I would study during my lunch break, after work every night and every weekend. My social life (and even exercising) had to take a back seat for a while in order for me to be super focused, I didn't even have time to read a book. It was all worth it as I managed to hand my final assessment in a few weeks before moderation. I had been offered a conditional place at Coventry University and had hit all the desired merits and distinctions necessary.

This time last year I never thought that I would be in this position and I will be eternally grateful for all the encouragement from all my tutors, family, friends and colleagues who believed in me more than I believed in myself. (Jun 16)

I was so impressed I suggested it to my workplace - Leejon Jeffries

Leejon Jeffries

Fab5 Award Nominee

After working full time for the past three years in an operating theatre as a theatre assistant I decided I wanted to make the next step up and become a qualified ODP. After looking into what I would need to progress, I found that I needed to complete an access to higher education course. My father in law discovered DistanceLearningCentre.com and suggested I give them a try.

It was a big step for me looking to go to university as I would be the first in my family to do so.

The DistanceLearningCentre.com course has been amazing, the course assessments are really informative and break things down so the information is easy to take in. My two allocated tutors have been such a massive help they are very knowledgeable and supportive and if there was any issues they would always be quick to respond. I would like to thank DistanceLearningCentre.com for helping me take that big step and I am now due to start university in September.

I was so impressed with DistanceLearningCentre.com I suggested it to my workplace and now a handful of my colleagues have signed up to take the same access course I did. (Nov 15)

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