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It absolutely prepared me for university, especially studying with the Open University as it is distance learning too - Keira Kirwan


I am currently studying toward a degree with the Open University, I am studying Criminology and Psychology as I did with DistanceLearningCentre.com. There haven't been any huge challenges as DistanceLearningCentre.com really prepared me for University study. However, if I had to whittle it down, I would say the biggest challenge is the slight step up in content to learn and requirement for individual research. My advice would be to absolutely take on board your tutor's feedback, keep working toward word limits (not falling short or going above) and continue developing your referencing skills because this will most definitely come in handy!

I could not be more grateful for studying with DistanceLearningCentre.com. It absolutely prepared me for university especially studying with the Open University as it is distance learning too. Thankfully, DistanceLearningCentre.com gave me so many skills which I am using at university. I am referencing, writing to length and being precise as well as undertaking research, writing essays and projects, all of which I was taught in my Access to HE course. I am also familiar with a lot of the content that I am studying at university because DistanceLearningCentre.com had introduced me to it already. I have been well prepared for distance learning, time management, academic study, and writing skills. I Highly recommend studying with DistanceLearningCentre.com to prepare for undergraduate and postgraduate studies. After my degree, I am looking to pursue work in forensic psychology, more specifically the youth justice system and I can't thank DLC.com enough for all of the preparation they have given me for my future. (Nov 2021)


Before enrolling with the DistanceLearningCentre.com I was working in administration full time. As much as I enjoy working in administration, my passion lies with teaching and helping children to ensure they have the best start in education.

I thought that I missed my opportunity to pursue the career I dreamed of because I left school and went to study administration instead of achieving Alevels but when I came across the DistanceLearningCentre.com website I realised I could study whilst working ? I was ecstatic.

The course I studied was the Access to Higher Education Diploma (Primary Teaching) (English). I finished the course with all distinctions which I still cannot believe! I am so proud of myself and so grateful to the DistanceLearningCentre.com for all of their support.

I have met the requirements for the university course I wish to study however due to circumstances I won't be able study this year but I have my heart set on my goal to go to university as soon as I can and become a qualified teacher!

DistanceLearningCentre.com has given me such a boost of confidence and made me even more determined to be the teacher I want to be in the near future. I would recommend (in fact I have) to anyone simply because of the fantastic tutor support, quality of the learning materials and the easy way to submit, make payment, download and navigate on the website. (Nov 2017)

DistanceLearningCentre.com prepared me very well for the demands of undergraduate study - Charles Willis


After completing my Diploma, I went on to successfully complete a BSc Honours in Radiology and Oncology at Cardiff University. My studies with DistanceLearningCentre.com prepared me very well for the demands of undergraduate study.

I was rusty with regards to physics and academic writing, and the Diploma refreshed my knowledge and helped me to write a very good personal statement for my university application. I am now 18 months into a graduate role as a Therapeutic Radiographer. (Nov 2021)


Having served over 22 years in the Royal Army Medical Corps, I decided that I wanted to go back to the days when I had patient contact and not be stuck behind a desk. I applied to undertake a 3 year BSc (Hons) Degree in Radiotherapy and Oncology.

Having already completed a BSc (Hons) Health Management degree I felt confident that I could complete an Access to HE Diploma Allied Health Professions in six months. It was definitely a struggle to begin with but I soon got into the swing of things. I won't lie it is hard work, especially if you have to work a full time job as well, but if you want it you will work hard for it, nothing worth having in this life comes easy.

I particularly liked the progressive nature of the course, you sometimes wonder why you are learning something but it always makes sense when you move onto the next part of the syllabus. I felt very supported and the occasions where I misunderstood something I was put right back on track. I leave the Army in a few days and have been offered a place at Cardiff University this year.

My advice, to any potential students, "Go for it, work hard and play hard and you will succeed." (Jun 2017)

DistanceLearningCentre.com is a great place to carve and polish your potential. Their highly educated and skilled staff work together to give you a great platform to achieve your dreams quickly - Zahida Sherry


I arrived in the UK from Pakistan in 2007 on my own. No friends or relatives, no guidance. I was empty-handed but my heart was full of hopes and my mind was full of the positive ideas of achieving my dreams.

My reason for coming to the UK was to study for a degree in biology. Since 2008 I have been trying to enrol for a degree in biology at various universities but had no luck. Lacking knowledge, having no help, and being a foreigner, it took me nine years to reach the right place to set me on the journey towards starting undergraduate study. DistanceLearningCenter.com was that place. Having polite and helping staff, qualified and highly skilled teachers, reliable resources, and flexibility, this learning provider provided me with great confidence in studying virtually and using academic skills effectively. Soon after receiving my diploma from distance learning, I was offered a place to study at four of the five universities of my choice, including Manchester Metropolitan and Salford. Unfortunately, I was not a home student, so was not eligible for student finance or a student loan. I therefore could not afford to take up my offers.

In 2020 once again, I started searching through the internet for suitable universities and one day found the Open University and so I applied for an undergraduate biology degree course. There was an alternative solution available for funding called the OUSBA Loan, where you can spread the cost in easy instalments and quickly start repaying your loan. This was the best option for me to start. This year I started the 1st year of my biology degree and I have already submitted three assessments, achieving 100% for the first two of them, with the 3rd assessment yet to be marked.

I would say to the current students at DistanceLearningCentre.com, that they have made the right decision. DistanceLearningCentre.com is a great place to carve and polish your potential. Their highly educated and skilled staff work together to give you a great platform to achieve your dreams quickly. It is perfect for those who have genuine ambition and don't like to give up for any reason. I have no words to express just how much DistanceLearningCenter.com is mean to me.

In addition to studying for my biology degree, I have been applying the skills that I have gained from being a qualified midwife to volunteer with home Start, Revive, and the City of Sanctuary. These are charitable organisations. My role is to help and support individuals, families, and children who are in need, and refer them to the right places for further help. (Nov 2021)


I am a qualified health visitor from Pakistan. I came to the UK for further study and work. But the problem was, the criteria for working as a health professional is very different in the UK compared to in my home country. It required more skills more knowledge and further education, so I planned further education. There were several barriers to clear to enrol on a degree course, especially the language. I needed at least GCSE grade C in Maths and English and a Level 3 Access to Higher Education Diploma.

I started learning GCSE English and Maths in local colleges, but having a few weeks old child and being ill it was so difficult to manage my home, my family and my studies. Although I tried to enrol directly with local colleges for an Access Diploma, I was unable to afford the costs. I was so upset and confused so was about to give up of thinking about studies.

One day miraculously an internet search changed my life. I discovered DistanceLearningCentre.com which was amazingly a nice solution of my problems. I enrolled immediately for Access to HE Diploma in Allied Health Professions course and studied and enjoyed. I finished the course last year and I am so happy.

I have already received the Diploma and I am ready to start degree in university of my choice which was just a dream in past. In fact, DistanceLearningCentre.com is a wonderful and a life changing facility for people who want to build their career. It has range of courses to choose from, with very friendly and expert tutors who love to help. I really enjoyed having easy access, adequate material for study and frequently answered questions from my own expert tutor. I also liked easy payment solutions. DistanceLearningCentre.com made me feel so lucky.

It is a fantastic, reliable and enjoyable source of virtual study. They helped me to build self-confidence and helped me to transform my future. DistanceLearningCentre.com is a great choice to save time and money. It was not possible for me to achieve this diploma without them. Thank you. (Jun 2018)

If I could see myself 3 years ago I would not have believed how far I have come. Thank you so much for giving me a second chance at a bright future, DistanceLearningCentre.com! - Jessica Brydon


Since completing my Diploma with DistanceLearningCentre.com I have been studying BSc Adult Nursing at Cardiff University. My biggest challenge has been working through the pandemic as an adult nurse, however I have put myself forward for all covid wards and have learned lots about respiratory diseases as a result and the biology behind long covid.

My advice would be to experience areas outside of your comfort zone while you are a student and don't yet have a pin! I have been on an ITU covid ward, in Cardiff prison, psychiatric wards, theatres and paediatric wards to broaden my knowledge outside of adult nursing. Do what scares you and you will surprise yourself!

The essay writing practice and referencing from DistanceLearningCentre.com has greatly helped me at university. Due to this I regularly score well in my essays and research proposals. Meanwhile the biology and psychology modules have given me a strong foundation for the higher levels of human biology.

I am in 3rd year about to start my final placement! It has flown by quicker than I could have imagined. Placement is difficult when you have a full time job to support yourself and I'm proud to say I am on track for a first regardless. Work hard and you will achieve. If I could see myself 3 years ago I would not have believed how far I have come. Thank you so much for giving me a second chance at a bright future, DistanceLearningCentre.com! (Nov 2021)


Knowing I needed this qualification to get into university, I was very worried as I have never been a high achiever. However with the help of the tutors raising my confidence I achieved 9 Merits and 36 Distinctions while working full-time!

I got offers from all of my universities and got into Cardiff University to do Adult Nursing! This course has showed me that there are no limits to what I can do and that the future is bright.

Thank you, DistanceLearningCentre.com. (Jul 2019)

After my Diplomas, my employers provided a mentoring programme which enabled me to develop my skills which wouldn't have happened otherwise - Tracey Gordon


At the time that I was studying for my Diploma with DistanceLearningCentre.com, I was also working at a secondary school teaching English as a second language. I wanted to branch into teaching literature and first language but wasn't qualified. My aim was to do an English Literature degree and then go on to my PGCE.

Sadly, my dream to go on to University didn't happen due to financial constraints. However, my employers were very supportive of my career development and recognised the effort that I had put into doing well on the Access to HE Diploma. As such, they provided a mentoring programme which enabled me to develop my skills in teaching English literature and language which wouldn't have happened if I hadn't successfully completed the Access to HE course.

I enjoyed my Diploma with DistanceLearningCentre.com immensely and found it challenging and demanding in a positive way. I was a bit wary about doing a course as a mature student and I was daunted at the thought of studying online, but I felt very supported by the tutors and never felt short changed. (Nov 2021)


I started the Access to HE Diploma English (Humanities) last year in order to gain access to a BA in English literature.

Being well over 40 and out of education for decades meant that I was nervous about doing this course to say the least. I had to juggle full-time work and single parenthood and was unsure if I would succeed.

In order to realize my dream, to progress into teaching, I had to bite the bullet and actually believe in my abilities and worth. The tutors on this course were incredibly supportive and knowledgeable and I can now look forward to more success in my degree course and inspire my own children along the way. I am now closer to realising my dream. (Nov 2017)