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To demonstrate just how proud we all are of your success, we have created the Awards of Achievement, which are awarded annually to our ten most oustanding students.

The winners get back half the cost of their course fees!

This course helped me solidify my career choice and get rid of the fear - Giulia Zanardini

Image of Giulia Zanardini

I moved to the UK when I was 16 to pursue my dream. I finished college, got a degree and completed a masters degree, but halfway through my education journey, I started to realise that the dream I had started with was changing, and that scared me. I thought I was too far along to change my mind. I decided to take a year off to think things through and I decided to jump headfirst into my fear and take a chance at following my passions.

After I found out about DistanceLearningCentre.com my decision was solidified: the modules sounded so interesting and very much what I wanted to study. They lived up to my expectations. The course is amazing, it creates the perfect balance between independent learning (for example by giving the student the task of deciding their own deadlines), and support (with tutorials every week). This course helped me solidify my career choice and get rid of the fear and I feel more confident than ever in my decision to change direction.

I want to thank every tutor that helped me throughout this journey and a special thanks to my tutor who was also there when I started to receive acceptance and rejection letters from universities. (July 2021)

My advice to anyone would be to not give up and to remember that after every storm there is a beautiful rainbow - Tom Spence

Image of Tom Spence

Hi, my name is Tom I have recently successively completed a Diploma in Paramedic Science with DistanceLearningCentre.com. Unfortunately, in 2020 I was made redundant from a major UK airline after a successful career within the airline industry of 15 years. As you can imagine it was a difficult time for me as I didn't really know where to turn to or even how to refocus myself. Like many others, losing a job, especially during the Covid pandemic, wasn't easy.

I am thrilled to say that I passed the Diploma with flying colours and this is all thanks to the support I received from DistanceLearningCentre.com. I am now working for a private ambulance company and I'm using all of the knowledge that I've learnt and gained to help me within my daily work. Thank you!

Despite having more dark days than positive, I was motivated enough with the support of the DistanceLearningCentre.com staff to really focus myself and get those scores to enable me to better myself and start a successful career within the healthcare profession. My advice to anyone would be to not give up and to remember that after every storm there is a beautiful rainbow. (July 2021) Award of Achievement Nominee

If I ever struggled, I could speak to the tutors, and nothing was too much trouble - Tallulah Reay

Image of Tallulah Reay

During the coronavirus pandemic, I did a lot of reflecting on my life and where it was heading, as I working in a full-time job being an Administrator which I did not feel was fulfilling enough for me.

Psychology has always been an interest of mine, so I decided that I wanted to study it at degree level, but I had no qualifications to do so. Being a single mother of one, my life revolved around planning my finances for my daughter so I could not freely quit my job and study an Access Course at my local college. This is when I discovered DistanceLearningCentre.com.

DistanceLearningCentre.com really helped me in my studies as I could work around my job and my daughter's life. The units I was set could sometimes be difficult, but the materials really helped me and the tutors were easy to engage with. If I ever struggled, I could speak to the tutors, and nothing was too much trouble.

The Access Course has helped me bring back my confidence tremendously and it has taught me a lot about Psychology, Criminology, and my own strength in being able to achieve what I had set out to do even with the hurdles. I feel it has prepared me for university and I could not be happier with the course. (July 2021)

The course has provided me with the much-needed confidence to study at a higher level - Ellen Mills

Image of Ellen Mills

I have recently completed the last module of my Access to HE Diploma in psychology and biology. Before studying with DistanceLearningCentre.com, I worked full time as a marketing assistant (something I did after dropping out of A Levels) and 18 months into that I was furloughed due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. I signed up for the course with the aim of studying occupational therapy at university. After getting a job in private healthcare, I very quickly realised I wanted to become a nurse.

I knew what grades I had to achieve in order to pursue this career and never felt more determined with the support from my tutors. The course has provided me with the much-needed confidence to study at a higher level, after my rather rocky start to higher education back in 2017 left me feeling very lost and lacking in confidence. The tutors have been so encouraging and supportive through it all and the quality of the course is excellent. I have achieved way beyond what I thought was capable.

I have now received my offer to study adult nursing at the University of East Anglia in September 2021. I thank DistanceLearningCentre.com for making this new dream a reality for me, I couldn't recommend them enough. (July 2021)

My course was thoroughly enjoyable and has also filled me with confidence - Krupa Sayania

Image of Krupa Sayania

My course (Science Option 2) was thoroughly enjoyable and has also filled me with confidence. The layout and structure of the modules were easy to follow and the instructions for the assessments were clear. In addition to science modules, the course also brushed up on maths and English skills. The English module included writing up an essay and as I had not written one in a long time, this was very useful practice for me.

I had two tutors during my time with DistanceLearningCentre.com and they were both brilliant. I felt very comfortable when communicating with them and they responded to me quickly whenever I had any queries. I was balancing this online course with a full-time job and they would check in with me at least once a week, which was appreciated as sometimes I could easily lose track of time and forget to update them.

I have been accepted into my university of choice thanks to DistanceLearningCentre.com and my lovely tutors. I would highly recommend DistanceLearningCentre.com to anyone looking to do an online access to HE course. (July 2021)