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To demonstrate just how proud we all are of your success, we have created the Awards of Achievement, which are awarded annually to our ten most oustanding students.

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I completed this whilst being employed full time within operating theatres - Stacey Spence

Image of Stacey Spence

My name is Stacey Spence and I underwent the Biology, Chemistry and Physics Access to HE course. I completed this whilst being employed full time within operating theatres as a theatre support worker and so, took me longer to complete than I originally anticipated.

Now I have complete my Diploma I can apply for my Operating Department Practice Degree to become an operating department practitioner with the hope of then going on to either do graduate entry to medicine or become a physicians assistant in anaesthesia.

So this is a major stepping stone for me to continue my learning journey! All my tutors were great and always had time to answer any questions that I had. (Jul 2019)

I hate exams, so this style of study with coursework and assessments suits me perfectly - Lucy Depla

Image of Lucy Depla

After completing a languages degree and flitting between jobs in the hospitality and travel industries, I found myself feeling unsatisfied with my day to day life.

An amalgamation of autoimmune diseases cropped up throughout my family, which lead to me extensively reading into the likes of diabetes, MS and vitiligo, and my fascination in these was what was really giving me the joie de vivre. Whilst job hunting I kept finding myself researching my lifelong goal of nursing, but falling at the hurdle of qualifications. DistanceLearningCentre.com has allowed me to not only get into a nursing degree, but into a masters in nursing.

At school I always struggled with biology, and to be frank I hate exams, so this style of study with coursework and assessments suits me perfectly. Any difficulties I had were met with assistance from my tutor, but I found all my modules were very clearly explained, and wouldn't say I struggled majorly at any stage. Of course the flexible nature of DistanceLearningCentre.com was the only way I could prepare myself for starting my degree; not only working long hours, but equally travelling for work on top of this, meant that I would go for weeks at a time, with no opportunity to focus on studying. The Individual Learning Plan (ILP) was a great way to make the amount of work to be covered more achievable, and is something I will adopt for future studies. (Jul 2019)

Now I can research, write more concisely and feel well prepared to university - Stuart Percival

Image of Stuart Percival

I got my certificate yesterday and that concludes my time as a DistanceLearningCentre.com student, I suppose. I started the Allied Health Professions Access to Higher Education Diploma so that I could get into university to study Physiotherapy. I had a full-time job in an industry I still like but wanted to achieve something else and becoming a physiotherapist was something I had really dreamed for years.

On starting out with DistanceLearningCentre.com, I had little idea of what to expect but found that from the start the team were friendly and encouraging and I got to grips very soon with the way the modules would run and how to get the best out of my tutors. The tutors for both psychology and biology were fantastic with styles that suited the subject well.

The help with the UCAS application was fantastic and the pre-work early in the course really helped me focus on completing the very important personal statement. I got offered a place with every university I applied to. I never considered at the beginning of the course that I would be learning more than just the subject matter. Now I can research, write more concisely and feel well prepared to start at my first choice university this September.

Thank you to all at DistanceLearningCentre.com for helping me make a dream come true! (Jul 2019)

The Study Skills topics were so perfectly geared to helping me with my uni application - Laura Gornall

Image of Laura Gornall

What a year of learning it has been. I have always wanted to study Physiotherapy but struggling with dyslexia at school knocked my confidence. I joined the military with mediocre GCSEs, believing I wasn't capable of studying at the level needed for my dream job... At 35 I decided I had enough with self doubt.

I searched the internet for A level options and Access courses. Working full time with a disabled child I was unable to go to college so needed an alternative, that's when I found DistanceLearningCentre.com. Initially I was worried about not having face to face time in a classroom and possibly having to read though reams of uninteresting text. I needn't have worried as although a very tough course needing full commitment (late nights and literally no family/social life), I enjoyed every minute of it.

The Study Skills topics were so perfectly geared to helping me with my uni application, the biology and psychology topics were interesting and engaging throughout. My tutors were knowledgeable, professional and friendly, allowing my tutorials to take place around my work. Having their guidance and reassuring words helped me complete the course in good time with the credits needed for university.

Not only has DistanceLearningCentre.com given me access to studying Physiotherapy at Salford university, it has also given back my confidence in my ability to study anything I have a passion for. Thank you. (Jul 2019)

I used Enhanced Learning Credits provided by the Army to help fund my Diploma - Chris Evans

Image of Chris Evans

I left school disappointed with the poor GCSE results I had received. I was determined to travel the world so I enlisted with the British Army. An injury which I sustained in the Army lead me to have regular visits to the physio for treatment. It was this treatment which inspired me to pursue a career as a physiotherapist.

After spending six years serving my country within the Royal Logistic Corps, I decided it was time to leave the Army and I returned to civilian life falling into a dissatisfying but necessary job driving HGV.

I carried out some research and found that DistanceLearningCentre.com were offering an opportunity to study an Access to Higher Education Diploma specifically for Physiotherapy. I enrolled and used Enhanced Learning Credits provided by the Army to help fund my Diploma. This was the opportunity I was looking for and it has allowed me to study at home, in my spare time and around my work commitments.

At first I was a little intimidated by the thought of returning to education after spending so long away from it but, once the first few assignments were submitted any nerves began to disappear and my confidence started to grow.

Having now finished the diploma I am so thankful to my tutors and my family because without their encouragement and support I would have given up when the inevitable doubts crept in. My hard work and commitment has resulted with me exceeding the grades which are required to apply to university. I will be applying for a place on a physiotherapy course this year with the hope of starting university in 2020. (Jul 2019)