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To demonstrate just how proud we all are of your success, we have created the Awards of Achievement, which are awarded annually to our ten most oustanding students.

The winners get back half the cost of their course fees!

The tutors felt more like friends when helping with my studies - Jordan Holland

Image of Jordan Holland

Fab5 Award Nominee

I left school ten years ago now and I never really knew what I wanted to do, so I began working for a company at the young age of 16. It was only a year ago that I decided I wanted a change in my life and pursue a dream career in the ambulance service, something I know the Access To Paramedicine Diploma was perfect for.

Being out of education for ten years made the start of the course something I found very difficult, but the tutors could not have been more helpful whenever I needed them and they felt more like friends when helping with my studies. As time went on I soon found myself becoming more and more independent. The flexible workload was perfect for fitting in assignments around my full time employment, and it was just as well, as half way through the course, me and my partner had the birth of our first child! Even though I worried that this may impact on my studies, the tutors once again could not have been more supportive and made the whole process enjoyable.

To come out with 39 Distinctions is more than I could have ever hoped for and I could not be happier that I decided to go ahead with the Diploma. I never really imagined myself at University but I am now however all ready to apply!

I want to say a massive thank you for all the help along the way, and I would urge anyone else thinking of pursuing a dream career to just go for it and give DistanceLearningCentre.com a go! (Jun 2017)

Given me confidence that I will be able to handle the demands of a full time degree - Samina Hussain

Image of Samina Hussain

Fab5 Award Nominee

Wow what a year it's been! After almost ten years working in the hospitality industry, I had begun to feel unfulfilled in my career and decided the time was right to dive in at the deep end and pursue a career in radiography. I applied for University but found myself rejected from every application due to my lack of experience and lack of recent and relevant education.

This was where DistanceLearningCentre.com came in. After scouring the internet, I soon found that distance learning was able to offer me the support and guidance I needed so that I could gain a credible and recognised diploma in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

During enrolment I resigned from my position at work and became a full time HCA, having had no prior experience. Changing career, alongside re-entering education became quite a daunting prospect. However, the support and instruction from the tutors alleviated the stress of the Diploma, leaving me focussed and positive about the job at hand.

The learning materials provided and all three of my tutors, who were fully supportive, enabled me to complete all assignments at Distinction level, a grade I never thought I was capable of. This in turn has given me confidence that I will be able to handle the demands of a full time degree in Radiography.

I have now secured a place at my chosen University and I am looking forward to starting a new chapter in my life. This would not have been possible without the help of DistanceLearningCentre.com. (Jun 2017)

Pity they don't offer degree courses, I would have continued with them until my PhD - Caroline Giudice

Image of Caroline Giudice

Before DistanceLearningCentre.com, I had been out of the academic world for over twenty years. One morning I woke up and felt an urgency to go back to school because I simply wanted to learn, and it was nice to be able to do this for pleasure this time than having to do it as a teenager who had been ordered by their parents.

I studied Access to HE Diploma for English (Humanities). I love to write and analyse things and felt I would excel in this course because of my travel experiences around the world and learning about different cultures. What I achieved from the Diploma was subject knowledge and confidence to look forward to studying at University level.

DistanceLarningCentre.com has felt like home to me over the months, and I am very sorry I have come to the end of my studies with them. I liked the routine and the course structure, and once I understood how things worked, it was a pleasure every day. It is a pity they don't offer degree courses because I would have continued with them until my PhD!

Since I personally find the idea of distance learning the most comfortable way to learn, I opted for Universities that offered this method of studying. As such I will begin a new journey, in my life, as an undergraduate at the University of the Creative Arts in September 2017 and I must confess I can't wait! (Jun 2017)

Their support kept me motivated and focused - Julie Pearce

Image of Julie Pearce

Fab5 Award Nominee

I have been in the military for 7 years and, after careful consideration, I decided it was time for a change. I loved the clinical side of my job as a medical assistant and wanted to continue working within the field once I left the service. Before I could pursue my dream, I knew I had to find an Access Diploma that I would be able to do whilst working full-time and that could provide flexibility should I be deployed. That's when I found DistanceLearningCentre.com.

I started my studies in Oct. 2015 and I hoped to complete my Access to HE Diploma (Allied Health Professions) within the year but the military had different plans for me. I ended up spending the next 18 months on ship and deployed outside of the UK. Whilst at sea, I was working full days and on call at night 7 days a week, this made studying extremely challenging. Not only was it difficult to find time but when I did I was exhausted.

Regardless of the pressures of work and 10 years out of education I knew how important completing this Diploma was to me. I decided to apply myself fully using whatever free time I had to commit to my studies. I won't lie, it was hard and at times I felt as though it would be easier to give up, but in the end it has all been worth it.

I never thought that I would complete my Diploma with the grades to get into my first choice University never mind achieving Distinctions across the board. I don't think I could have achieved them without the support of my tutors. They were extremely approachable, providing guidance and advice when required. Their support kept me motivated and focused on my studies and my future. I can't thank them enough.

I have recommended DistanceLearningCentre.com to others and am happy to see that they too are beginning their qualification journey. (Jun 2017)

I particularly liked the progressive nature of the course - Charles Willis

Image of Charles Willis

Having served over 22 years in the Royal Army Medical Corps, I decided that I wanted to go back to the days when I had patient contact and not be stuck behind a desk. I applied to undertake a 3 year BSc (Hons) Degree in Radiotherapy and Oncology.

Having already completed a BSc (Hons) Health Management degree I felt confident that I could complete an Access to HE Diploma Allied Health Professions in six months. It was definitely a struggle to begin with but I soon got into the swing of things. I won't lie it is hard work, especially if you have to work a full time job as well, but if you want it you will work hard for it, nothing worth having in this life comes easy.

I particularly liked the progressive nature of the course, you sometimes wonder why you are learning something but it always makes sense when you move onto the next part of the syllabus. I felt very supported and the occasions where I misunderstood something I was put right back on track. I leave the Army in a few days and have been offered a place at Cardiff University this year.

My advice, to any potential students, "Go for it, work hard and play hard and you will succeed." (Jun 2017)