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What our students say 2010-2011 page 2

"Enabled me to fit my Access Diploma around being a single mum"

Sacha Sherwood - June 2011


I had absolutely no self-belief when I started the Access to Midwifery course and constantly worried that my work wouldn't be good enough. But my tutor was there to put things in perspective and helped me work out answers on my own, which really boosted my confidence and kept me going! I was so proud when I got my mark sheets and I'd achieved distinctions - who'd have thought it!

I chose the DistanceLearningCentre.com because I worked shifts in a call centre and couldn't fit college in. DistanceLearningCentre.com allowed me to study from home in my own time. If I found I was lacking in motivation my tutor would get me back on track, so although I dodn't have the classroom atmosphere, I didn't feel alone. Towards the end, I worried that I wasn't going to finish in time, so my tutor helped me devise a schedule so I could organise my time better; this really helped me get to the finish line and I completed the course in 13 months.

In September I am going to University to study a 3-year midwifery degree; something I would never have believed I could do not so long ago. I now feel much more confident and feel I can apply what I have learnt to my degree, whereas 18 months ago I didn't believe I could even manage to write an essay!

Zoe Miles - June 2011


I enrolled on the Access to Higher Education Diploma course with DistanceLearningCentre.com in order to gain further qualifications to enable me to go on and study for a degree in something I am passionate about. I left school with my GCSE's and a GNVQ in Health and Social care, not really knowing what I wanted to do and as a result I went on to work for the banking industry which is where I have been ever since.

I found the course very challenging at times, but my tutor was always able to provide a great deal of support which got me through, as well as my own sheer determination. Working full time and studying has been extremely hard work; so many times I just wanted to give up, but I persevered and as a result have now completed the course. I am now waiting to start Southampton University in September to study a degree in Podiatry which I am really looking forward to. I really never thought I could achieve what I have.

Lisa Harrington - June 2011


After the birth of my son, I was fascinated by the work of my midwives and was inspired to find out more. I contacted my local colleges but they had dropped their access courses and well I felt pretty stumped at that point. I began looking online to see if there were other ways of completing an Access course and came across DistanceLearningCentre.com, I must say that I was slightly dubious at first about completing a course online or if it would be recognised by the Universites. After some thought I took the plunge and enrolled and am so glad I did!

It had been over ten years since I last studied and wondered how I would cope and remain motivated, all around looking after an excitable toddler. The modules although sometimes daunting were very interesting and once Id sat down and started working through them were not as bad as I first thought. I studied most days for a couple of hours and the whole course took me 9 months and I remember getting so worried and nervous waiting for my marks to come back from each module, but I gained distinctions and merits throughout and each marked module pushed me to continue working hard.

I was allocated a tutor who was fantastic and always rang and emailed and offered help and support, thank you!

Along the way I changed my path slightly and looked into studying Child Nursing and am pleased to say that I will be starting a 3 year degree in Child Nursing at Edinburgh Napier University in September and cant wait.

I didn't need to worry about the Universities accepting a distance learning course, in fact they were very impressed that I had done it this way and it has certainly improved my confidence, self belief, motivation and determination in achieving my dream of Child Nursing and further down the path, Neonatal Nursing.

The support of DistanceLearningCentre.com and in particular my tutor was fantastic, thank you for all the help and I am very excited about September!

Claire Smith - June 2011


Studying with DistanceLearningCentre.com has enabled me to fit my Access to Psychology Diploma around being a single mum. My tutor has been a real asset to DistanceLearningCentre.com, with her ongoing support and encouragement towards me, which motivated me to do the best I could.

I am extremely proud to say that, after a lot of hard work, I have managed to come away with a distinction and am on my way to study an HND in Applied Psychology.

With both of my children in full time school September 2011, this means that I am finally on my way to developing a career in the Psychology field, as I have more time to put into education now. I am confident that my children's future seems brighter and I know I am capable of being whatever I want to be, if I put my mind to it!!

Tammy Cronin - June 2011


After failing to get into Uni for the second time, I decided that resitting my Maths and English just wasn't enough. So once I'd completed my Resits for GCSEs I found DistanceLearningCentre.com. It was perfect for me, my job and my family. I could carry on working until I'd gained the qualifications that my Uni were looking for and it meant I could study when I wanted to.

It was hard work and very constant, I studied nearly every night, apart from weekends, but start to finish took me 9 months so I can't complain! I wasn't sure if I would be able to learn that much information on my own just from books and research but the tutors kept me going in the right direction and were always there if I needed a bit of help. This course definitely gave me the advantage over other applicants.