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Policies & Procedures

pdf file  Academic Appeals Procedure - follow this procedure if you do not feel the assessment decision made about your work is fair in relation to the criteria for assessment and/or grading.

word file  Academic Appeal Form - form to be used if making an Academic Appeal.

pdf file  Access to Fair Assessment Policy - DistanceLearningCentre.com Policy for Fair Assessment.

pdf file  Assessment Support for Learners - DistanceLearningCentre.com assessment marking and support process.

pdf file  Complaints & Grievance Procedure - any person using or providing DistanceLearningCentre.com services should follow this procedure to make a complaint or raise a grievance, unless it relates to an assessment decision.

word file  Complaint Form - form to be used for Stage 2 of the Complaints Procedure

pdf file  Cookies Policy - DistanceLearningCentre.com Policy about use of cookies on our web site.

pdf file  DistanceLearningCentre.com Charter - our commitment to our students, staff and other users.

pdf file  DistanceLearningCentre.com Dyslexia Policy - you may also find the Royal College of Nursing Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and Dyscalculia Toolkit helpful.

pdf file  DistanceLearningCentre.com Exemptions & Recognition of Prior Learning for Ascentis New Access HE Diplomas.

pdf file  Environmental Policy - our commitment to protect the environment.

pdf file  Equal Opportunities Statement - statement of intent, responsibilities and monitoring of Equal Opportunities.

word file  Extenuating Circumstances - form to complete if you have good reasons why a submitted assessment is late or was missed.

pdf file  Freedom of Information Act Model - Model Publication Scheme (MPS) for Further Education (FE).

pdf file  Health & Safety Policy - Health & Safety of DistanceLearningCentre.com Staff

pdf file  Learner Privacy Notice - to inform all our learners how we will use their personal information.

pdf file  Malpractice Policy

pdf file  Financial Regulations

pdf file  Organisational Chart

pdf file  Plagiarism Policy

pdf file  Plagiarism Procedure - DistanceLearningCentre.com Procedure for dealing with plagiarism.

pdf file  Student Contact Policy - details of the commitment between DistanceLearningCentre.com and students in terms of tutor contact.

pdf file  Student Entitlement Policy - what you can expect from us as a DistanceLearningCentre.com student.

pdf file  Submission of student work for formal assessment - assessments, deadlines & extensions.

pdf file  Terms & Conditions of Sale - details of the financial contract between DistanceLearningCentre.com and it's students.