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Online Access to Higher Education Diplomas for Teaching (English)

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A career in Education

To train as a Secondary school teacher you will study a specialist subject degree, followed by a postgraduate teaching qualification, such as a PGCE.

Our Access to HE Diplomas give you the opportunity to apply for your first degree, and pave the way for a successful teaching career.

There are also numerous support roles in Education that do not require a degree, where an Access to HE Diploma in Teaching is an ideal way to maximise your job prospects, such as:

  • Administrative roles in schools & colleges
  • Learning Support Assistant
  • Teaching Assistant
  • Technical roles in schools & colleges

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Access to Teaching Diplomas (English)

These courses are studied entirely by distance learning.

You need to have a UK residential address to study this qualification.

Although there are no formal entry requirements for these Access to HE Diplomas, to qualify as a teacher you will need English and Maths (along with a Science to teach this subject) GCSEs at C or above. If you do not have these already, you can study them with us.

As part of an Access to Teaching Diploma you will need to complete a placement in a school. Download more info

Our experience and strong relationships with universities means that our Access to HE Diplomas are well suited to meet both their entry requirements and to prepare you for undergraduate study.

Our Access to HE Diplomas are fully accredited through an Authorised Validating Agency (AVA) and regulated by the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA), so are part of the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF). More about our Access Diplomas >>>

Access to Higher Education Diploma (Education) (English) Option 1

for: Access to Teaching (English)

£1247 - spread across easy instalments for up to 12 months of study

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