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Online Access to Higher Education Diplomas

How are Access courses structured?

Every Access to HE Diploma is 60 credits: 15 are ungraded and 45 are graded. The grades available are Pass, Merit and Distinction.

The structure of each Access Diploma is designed to provide you with subject knowledge which we know is most relevant to the degree you are aiming for and chosen through experience and consultation to find out what the universities most want to see.

Each Diploma is split into:

The course learning materials include Self-Assessment Questions (SAQ's) and activities. You will need to upload your SAQ's, to demonstrate your learning, before you can start the formal assessment for the Unit. More about course assessment >>>

In many of the Access Diplomas there is a choice whether you wish to study some Developments Level 2 English and Maths units (which will allow you to brush up on your skills before moving on to the academic units) or to study all the Developmental Units at Level 3. The Level 2 option is very useful if you have been out of education for some time before you start the course.

Level 2 English and Maths Units are assessed at the same level as a grade C at GCSE but they are not equivalent to GCSE. Therefore, if your university requires you to achieve GCSE's you will need to study separate GCSEs, which you can study with us.

Subject sets, Credits & Units

To achieve an Access Diploma you complete 60 credits, of which at least 45 must be at Level 3 (A-Level standard) and are graded Pass, Merit or Distinction. The other 15 credits can be either at Level 2 or 3 and are ungraded.

Developmental and Subject Sets are made up of Units; each unit is made up of three or six credits.

The learning materials (pdf) files for each Unit are password protected and the passwords will be provided for you by your tutor as you work through your course.