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Course Fees - from 1st September 2018

Access to HE Diplomas (60 credits)

  1. Course Fee = £1077.00 (inc. VAT), covers up to 365 maximum days of study.
  2. Awarding Body Registration Fee = £140.00 (zero. VAT).
    • £40.00 payable with your first course fee instalment.
    • £100.00 payable on achievement of 24 credits or 1 year from the date of registration, whichever is sooner.
      • We will provide some advanced warning before this fee becomes due although you will already have a good idea of this as you will know how many credits you have achieved.
  3. Total Fees = £1247.00 (inc. VAT) includes £30.00 (inc. VAT) Application Fee if applicable.


These can be studied alone or up to 2 can be studied at the same time as an Access Diploma. They are studied in parallel.

  1. Available in Biology, Chemistry, English Language, Maths, Physics & Science Double Award.
  2. Course Fee = £320.00 (inc. VAT), covers up to 274 maximum days of study (plus £30.00 (inc. VAT) Application Fee if applicable).
  3. Special Offers
    1. If studying more than one GCSE you get £20.00 off the second and £30.00 off any others you study with us.
    2. If studying at the same time as an Access Diploma, you get £20.00 off the first and £30.00 off the second.

Functional Skills

  1. Course Fee = £350.00 (inc. VAT) for Maths, £400.00 (inc. VAT) for English, this fee covers up to 92 maximum days of study after which the Extension Monthly Tuition Fee (£78.00 per month) applies. This price includes the £30.00 Enrolment Fee.
  2. Exam Resit Fees - £70.00 for Maths. For English, £40.00 to resit individual assessments. In Speaking and Listening the cost is £70.00 if resitting 2 assessments together and £100.00 if resitting 3 assessments together.

Progression Awards

These can be studied alone, or if you are studying an Access Diploma as well, the fees and maximum days of study for each Award are simply added to the cost/maximum days for your Diploma. They are studied in series. As of 7th September 2020 the Awarding Body Registration Fee Tariff increased from £4.00 to £5.00 per credit.

  1. Available in English (3 or 12 credits), Maths (3, 6, 9, 12 or 15) & Science (3, 6, 9 or 12). The standard size for a Progression Award is 12 credits.
  2. Course Fees & Awarding Body Registration Fees (ABRF) - plus £30.00 (inc. VAT) Application Fee if applicable.
    • 3 credits, 18 days = £51.00 (inc. VAT) plus £18.00 (zero VAT) ABRF.
    • 6 credits, 37 days = £102.00 (inc. VAT) plus £30.00 (zero VAT) ABRF.
    • 9 credits, 55 days = £153.00 (inc. VAT) plus £45.00 (zero VAT) ABRF.
    • 12 credits, 73 days = £204.00 (inc. VAT) plus £60.00 (zero VAT) ABRF.
    • 15 credits, 91 days = £255.00 (inc. VAT) plus £75.00 (zero VAT) ABRF.
  3. Awarding Body Registration Fees are payable part way through your course as a single payment. They are calculated from the Awarding Body tariff of £5.00 per credit. There is a minimum of £18.00 charge across all the Progression Awards you are studying.
  4. Special Offers - if studying more than one Progression Award of 12 credits or more you get £10.00 off the second and £15.00 off the third. If studying at the same time as an Access Diploma this offer still applies. However, it does not apply to students who started their course prior to 1st August 2014.

Bespoke Courses and Unit Accreditation

  1. Course Fee = £89.75 per month (inc. VAT) or £17.76 (inc. VAT) per credit, whichever is greater.
  2. Awarding Body Registration Fees:
    • Bespoke Courses - no fee.
    • Formally accredited Unit Accreditation attracts the full Access Diploma Registration Fee of £140.00, payable in 2 parts.
      1. £40.00 charged along with your first monthly instalment
      2. £100.00 charged either soon before you complete your chosen number of credits, on achievement of 24 credits, or 1 year from the date of registration, whichever is sooner
        • We will provide some advanced warning before this fee becomes due.

Other Fees

  1. Extension Monthly Tuition Fee = £78.00 per calendar month (inc. VAT). Applicable to all courses with a maximum study days limit.
  2. Late Payment Penalty Fee = £20.00 (inc. VAT).
  3. Other Awarding Body Fees = the Awarding Body will charge for re-registration if you wish to change course (once you are registered). There is also a charge for amendments to names on Certificates or re-issues.

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Payments, dates and more ...

You will pay the Enrolment Fee when you set your Course Start Date and select your instalment payment options. There is always a short period between applying and starting your studies and the first instalment will not be debited from your account until the day you start.

If there are genuine reasons why you cannot pay online, you will need to contact us to discuss whether there are other feasible options available.

If you consistently fail to pay fees on time or miss a live tutor assessment without prior agreement, you may incur a Late Penalty Fee of £20.00 (inc. VAT).

Changing your payment date, please ask if you need your regular instalment payment date changing.

We do not require payment of all the course fees up front but offer Course Fee instalment options spread across the period of your study. We do not charge course fee instalments whilst you take a study break (go 'On Hold') or if you leave the course without completing it but you are still required to pay any arrears which were already due at the time.

Once you have paid your Enrolment Fee online, you do not need to keep logging in to pay as we debit your regular fees automatically using Repeat Payments each time they are due. Equally, should you leave or go 'On Hold' the instalments will be stopped or suspended automatically as appropriate.

Preferred method of payment is online with a credit or debit card. We accept all major cards (Visa Debit, MasterCard, Electron, UK Maestro and Solo) and use one of the most secure payment systems on the market.

Awarding Body Registration Fees are set by the Awarding Body and it is a requirement of our authorisation to run the courses that you are registered at the appropriate times. Therefore, if they change their Registration Fees (or the points in the course at which they are payable) we have to pass these changes on to you, even if you have already started the course. These are fees which we collect from you and pay directly to the Awarding Body in full on your behalf. We have to collect them from you far enough in advance to ensure that we have received your the payment before we pass it on.

Course Fee instalments are payments towards the total cost of the course. They are not payments for a specific period of tuition. Instalments are calculated according to your Target Completion Date which can be changed on agreement between you and your tutor during the course. Bringing the date forward may increase your instalments (fees must be paid in full by the time you complete) and extending it may reduce your instalments but may also take you past the maximum days of study such that Extension Tuition Fees may become due on expiry of the maximum days.

Extension Tuition Fees are a month by month extension to the course you sign up for. They are available so that if you wish to take longer over your studies (or exceed the maximum days of study for the course) the course can be flexible to accommodate this. They are not part of the fixed course fee set at the time you start your course. Therefore these may change during the course of your studies.