Online Level 2 Functional Skills in English with full course information
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Functional Skills English Level 2

Studied and externally assessed entirely online.

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What you will study:

You learn to deal with English problems that will help you develop skills across speaking, listening and communication, reading, and writing.

Examples of the types of skills you will develop include, but not limited to:

  • Considering complex information and giving a relevant, cogent response in appropriate language
  • Preparing for and contribute to the formal discussion of ideas and opinions
  • Making different kinds of contributions to discussions
  • Reading and summarising, succinctly, information, ideas from different sources
  • Identifying the purposes of texts and commenting on how meaning is conveyed
  • Detecting point of view, implicit meaning and/or bias
  • Using a range of writing styles for different purposes
  • Using a range of sentence structures, including complex sentences and paragraphs to organise written communication effectively

How can I use this qualification?

Functional Skills give you the opportunity to demonstrate real-life English and Maths skills and achieve a qualification as an alternative route to GCSEs.

Functional Skills English Level 2 is at the same level as a GCSE grade C or above (legacy GCSE grading), or Level 4 or above (reformed GCSE grading).

Many universities now accept Functional Skills instead of an English Language GCSE. Level 2 Functional Skills qualifications can also be used to meet the requirements of Advanced Level Apprenticeships.

How long will it take?

This is intended to be a fast-track course, studied over 15 weeks or less. To achieve the qualification you will be required to commit to approximately 45 hours of guided learning.

How am I assessed?

All assessments are externally set and marked by our awarding body, Open Awards.

You will be required to pass three separate assessments to achieve this qualification. The components do not need to be taken together, but they must all be passed for the qualification to be achieved:

  • One externally set and marked assessment in reading
  • One externally set and marked assessment in writing
  • Controlled assessments in speaking, listening and communication

These assessments test your ability to use English in practical settings such as: Work and education / Community, citizenship and environment / Family, home and social issues.

You will only sit the assessments when you are ready, and our Exams department arranges this at a time that is convenient for you.

The costs of the assessments are included in the course fee and they are completed and invigilated entirely online.

This qualification can be resat twice but each resit will incur an additional fee.

Do I need to buy a text book?

No. You will have access to our high quality and skills-focused learning materials that will teach you to develop the skills needed to pass the Functional Skills assessments. Everything you need to pass the exams are in the materials.

£400 for up to 106 days of study

Fee breakdown

  • Enrolment Fee = £30.00, payable when you apply for the course.
  • Course Fee = £370.00, payable monthly, 2-weekly or in a single instalment.
  • Total Fee = £400.00.

  • Exam Resit Fees [1]. Reading exam = £40, Writing exam = £40, Speaking, Listening and Communication exam = £70, if resitting Speaking and Listening and a further assessment the fee will be £100.
  • Extension Fee [2]= £78.00 per month, payable if you extend your study over more than 106 days.

[1] Payable if you do not pass the exam first time and want to try again. You can resit the exam up to two times.

[2] If the Monthly Extension Fee changes either between when you start your course and when you require the fee, or if your are already on this fee and the price changes, the changed price will apply.

Funding your course

This course is not eligible for Advanced Learner Loans.

This course is not eligible for Enhanced Learning Credits (ELC) funding.

The majority of our students fund themselves using our easy payment options. Some secure funding through their employers and a few manage to get some help from local charities. We cannot provide advice on funding but we do have a Grants & Funding page which you may find useful.

If you are not funding your course yourself, please ensure that you make us aware of this when you apply so that we can make any necessary arrangements with the funder.

Course fee instalments

The amount you pay for each instalment depends on how quickly you plan to complete the course. You can also change your Target Completion Date during the course when you have a clearer idea of how quickly you are progressing. This may change the cost of your instalments. Bringing the date forward will tend to increase the amount and setting it back will tend to reduce it.

Single payment

Choose how you pay. For example:

  • You can pay the whole fee of £400.00 when you apply
  • You can pay the £30.00 Enrolment Fee when you apply, then we can debit the £370.00 Course Fee on your course start date.


Maximum 3 payments.

  1. Enrolment Fee paid on application £30.00
  2. Course Fee instalments
    • 3 months @ £123.33 per month
    • 2 months @ £185.00 per month


Maximum 6 payments.

  1. Enrolment Fee paid on application £30.00
  2. Course Fee instalment examples
    • 6 instalments @ £61.67
    • 5 instalments @ £74.00
    • 4 instalments @ £92.50
    • 3 instalments @ £123.33
    • 2 instalments @ £185.00

Payment methods

The normal method of payment is online with a credit or debit card. We accept all major cards (Visa Debit, MasterCard, Electron, UK Maestro and Solo) and use SagePay, one of the most secure payment systems on the market.

If there are genuine reasons why you cannot pay online, you will need to contact us to discuss whether there are other feasible options available such as bank transfer or Standing Order.

Your tutor

Your tutor is both your personal support and your subject specialist teacher. They were chosen for their expert subject knowledge and qualifications, and for their skills in supporting and motivating adults who may have been out of education for some time. They are there to support you and guide your studies, and you will be in regular contact over email, phone, WhatsApp, text and virtual meetings. They know how to help you to improve, develop and advance as you progress through the course.

To a great extent, their role adapts to your own personal needs as a learner. Some learners like a lot of interaction and support, whereas others may prefer to get on with things on their own and check their progress less regularly. This is your choice but you will always been entitled to a telephone or virtual meeting once a week and email support within 24 hours of your request (except weekends). Your tutor is there to make sure that your time with us is as successful and enjoyable as possible.

Student Services

Our Student Services team are here for you from your first enquiry to the end of your course. From clarifying university entry requirements to finding the course which is right for you, Student Services are here for everybody ? past, present and prospective students alike.


We make our courses suit you and your life: if your circumstances or priorities change then your course can too. We are here to help you achieve, and so altering your target completion date, payment date, or extending your study period is always possible.

Technical Department

From accessing learning materials to uploading documents, if you need any technical support during your studies our Technical Department is there for you.

Financial Department

Should you need any help or advice about fees, payment options, or there are changes to your circumstances the Finance Department is there for you.