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ABID Interview and Mathematics Test

This is a 3 stage screening process, comprising; a piece of writing, an interview with a tutor and a Mathematics Test

Before beginning your studies you will be allocated a tutor who will assess your suitability for the ABID course. This process will help us to check that your Maths and English skills are at the right level to be able to access the ABID course. The screening process should take no more than 1 week.

The process will be in three stages:

  1. A piece of writing about yourself, your qualifications, your plans to apply to study in the UK and the entry requirements for this.
  2. An interview with the tutor to discuss your qualification and progression routes (approximately 30 minutes).
  3. A 30 minute tutor observed / invigilated maths test (calculator allowed).
For the 1st stage, you will need to upload your work to your Learner Account at least 24 hours prior to the virtual meeting. The 2nd and 3rd stages will take places as a 1-hour virtual meeting which will be arranged with you in advance by the tutor.

After assessing your performance in these tasks your tutor will make a recommendation to our Student Services for either:

  1. Progression onto the ABID Diploma with a start date for your course, or
  2. Further study to get you ready for progression onto ABID. We have Courses we can recommend to support you in Maths and/or English so that you can then progress onto the ABID Diploma.