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College Closures

DistanceLearningCentre.com provides tuition for 49 weeks per year, as well as all Bank Holidays which are not attached to a College Closure. This is much more than traditional colleges (which usually provide around 32 weeks). However, we do have 3 closure weeks and are also closed every weekend. We are open for enquiries every day of the year apart from Bank Holidays and weekends.

Easter 2020 - postponed due to Coronavirus - we were not closed Friday 10th April, re-opening Monday 20th April 2020 as planned. We moved the closure to the summer. We were closed Friday 10th April, re-opened Tuesday 14th April 2020.

Summer 2020 - closed Monday 27th July 2020, re-open Monday 3rd August 2020. This closure replaces the postponed Easter Closure.

Christmas 2020 - closed Monday 21st December 2020, re-open Monday 4th January 2021.

Easter 2021 - closed Friday 2nd April 2021, re-open Tuesday 13th April 2021.

Christmas 2021 - closed Monday 20th December 2021, re-open Tuesday 4th January 2022.

Course Enquiries

The easiest way to contact us to enquire about courses is via our Online Enquiry Form. If you are keen to get started on a Course, this is the quickest way to get going. If there is a good reason why you cannot complete the form, you can also email us or contact us by phone. For pre-course enquiries make sure you include your telephone number in your Enquiry Form if you want to talk to someone, and we will ring you.

If you want to email about Courses or Enrolments, please email Student Services


0333 224 9451 - lines open from 8:30am to 6pm Monday to Friday.

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DistanceLearningCentre.com Ltd, 44 Rochdale Road, Darwin House, Todmorden, West Yorkshire, OL14 7LD.