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November 2016 - Full-time post.

Application closing date Monday 5th December

If you wish to apply, please complete and return this Application Form. A CV is not accepted as an alternative to a comprehensively completed Application Form.

Is being a DLC Tutor for me?

As a DLC tutor you will need to be able to ring your students every week (negotiated between yourself and the students) apart from holidays. You need to mark work accurately within the two week turn around period. You will also need to able to write academic references.

You need to enjoy helping students meet their goals, go the extra mile and love seeing students blossom and grow.

You will be the sort of person who keeps up with what is going on in the sector and be able to give good and valid advice on your student's goals. You also need to want to be part of a team and yet autonomous so that if you do not know something you will ask, or even drop in for a cup of tea.

What you do not need to do is write all your own materials and assessments. These are all provided for you, but if you think that you can improve things please let us know as we are always willing to make things better.

What we look for in teaching staff

Maths Sum

If there are no specific vacancies advertised above; tutor job opportunities do arise periodically so please feel free to contact us if you would like us to inform you next time a vacancy arises. Because we are based in West Yorkshire and have regular meetings and updates, you should be within one hour or less travelling distance from the Registered Offices in Todmorden. The criteria below are generic, for specific advertised vacancies, selection criteria will be provided specific to that vacancy.



Tutor Application Documents: