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We offer a range of distance learning courses and specialise in Access to Higher Education Diplomas for people wishing to enter Midwifery, Nursing, Paramedicine, Physiotherapy, Psychology, Public Services, Social Work, Law, Teaching, Sports Studies, Science, plus other Health and Social Sciences professions.

Access courses are designed for UK residents who want to enter Higher Education but do not have the necessary qualifications.

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The DLC provides a uniquely individual & friendly service, contacting you regularly by phone and email to help with your studies, provide encouragement & support. We know this approach gives you the best opportunity to succeed and fulfil your potential. Studying flexibly at your own pace, we provide accredited qualifications delivered by fully qualified teaching staff. is the only provider with 20 years experience of delivering 100% distance learning Access to HE Courses and is ideal for people who cannot attend formal classes in a traditional college.

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Enhanced Learning Credits for members of the Armed Forces.

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November 2009 - After 24 years in the military the course provided by DLC has given me the platform to go on to study in the exciting and challenging field of Diagnostic Radiography at the University of Cumbria. DLC has provided me the skill set and confidence which has enabled me to embark on a completely different career path and the opportunity to hopefully fulfil my academic potential.

July 2013 - I would just like to voice my appreciation on giving me the grounding and motivation I needed to start and finish my degree in Radiography. I was fortunate enough to get a first and am also starting a new job at Wrightington to which I feel you have been an integral part of this process on my leaving the forces after 24 years. Terry.


From the very beginning with my initial enquiry, right until the very end, I have had endless support from all at DLC making me feel confident about my course and beyond. My amazing tutors would phone, email, recommend me textbooks and send me links to websites, I never felt like I was out of my depth. I always made use of our forum where other students and even tutors used their own time to help you out.

When applying for universities, I had the full support of my tutor and found that many universities found the way I did my diploma really interesting and commended me on my achievements. I applied to four London universities including Kings and London Southbank for Children's Nursing and gained a conditional offer from all of them. Emma.


I first learnt about DLC when I inquired about the educational requirements needed to gain a place at the Birmingham city university (BCU). I knew straight away that DLC would suit me as I worked full time and cared for my 2 children.

The support, positive comments from my Tutors and the distinctions that I achieved kept me going to the end. My advice to anyone wishing to join DLC is that the courses offered are manageable but be prepared to put an effort! I am very proud of my achievement and very grateful to my Tutors and everyone at DLC who made this possible. Philippina.


I tried to do college courses but never got the chance to finish them because of the rigid course structure and its conflict with work and family obligations. Still wanting to study, I called a university where they told me about flexible study and particularly DLC. I made my enquiry and enrolled. After enrolling I started the course and found that all three of my tutors made me feel like I was their only concern.

Studying with the DLC was the turning point for me, opening the door to my future and because of the flexibility that the DLC offers I now have my diploma and a start date for a BNurs (Hons) Mental Health Nursing at Wolverhampton University in January. Ricky.


Studying with is the best thing that could have ever happened to me. I now know my strengths and weaknesses and am able to turn the weaknesses into strengths. DLC has given me a great opportunity to develop myself, improve my intellectual reasoning, boost my self esteem/confidence, and improve my ability to find solutions to problems with little or no assistance.

When I applied to DLC, I had no idea of what I was getting myself into, the course is indeed a challenging one, but with the strong and immeasurable words of advise from my tutors, I managed to sail through. I am actually short of words about how DLC has changed my life so drastically. I am now looking forward to University admission next autumn. Omalara.


I have wanted a career in midwifery for many years. Having had my teenage schooling years wasted on me, I finally found the time and inclination to realise a dream. I'm glad I chose the DLC as the course work seems far more in depth than other courses friends have done for midwifery.

I have enjoyed the work and moreover it has given me belief in myself and made me realise my capabilities. It has been hard at times but well worth it. My tutors were great, friendly and encouraging. I now have a place at University starting in September 2013 to study midwifery, fantastic! Janey.


After being injured in Afghanistan whilst serving with the British Armed Forces, I was left facing a lengthy period of rehabilitation. Having experienced extensive physiotherapy, I knew that it was a career that I wanted to pursue, however my academic background was not up to my aspirations.

The tutors have been excellent, easily approachable, understandable and above all, passionate about the course. It has taken my almost one and a half years to complete the course but the perseverance and hard work has been worth it. I have been accepted on to a BSc Physiotherapy programme at Bournemouth University and my aspirations are continuing to grow. Carl.


When I enrolled, I was certain I would complete the course within six months. I had just given birth to my first son. I soon realised this was not realistic as having a baby was demanding as well. Studying with DLC gave me the flexibility to study at my own pace. I welcomed the option to go on hold and renew my studies at a later date in the months leading up to the birth of my second son.

The forums are a good source of information and many times I found an answer from other students before even emailing my tutor. The course materials are written in plain English making for easy understanding. A big thank you to my tutors who have been a pillar of support; despite how blank my mind got, they always had a way make things clear to me. DLC is the best! Phathekile.


I would like to grab this opportunity to thank the DLC for giving me the chance to work towards my dream and encourage you to believe in and go for your dreams. I decided two years ago that I would like to go to University to study the BA Applied Nursing and Social Work Joint Degree as I simply fell in love with the idea of combining these two professions.

As I was working full time for the local hospital and doing lots of overtime, I was desperate to find a distance learning Access Course. At the beginning I found the course a bit difficult and stressful partly because English is not my first language; but I received all the guidance I needed and then started really enjoying it. I finished the course with Merits and Distinctions which secured my place at Sheffield Hallam University. Anita.


Previously working as a Quantity Surveyor I decided to have a career change and go into the Health Industry. I came across where they offer the opportunity to study in your own time, along with a legit qualification that allows you to get into Higher Education. Studying the Access to Health Professions Diploma has been really interesting and it is so well laid out and easy to understand.

My knowledge has gone through the roof and I have been able to retain all the information that has been given, down due to the excellent teaching methods by the tutors. They are friendly and very approachable helping you every step of the way. I have already had feedback from University's that accept the qualification itself; meeting their requirements. I plan to study a Degree In Nutrition or Dietetics. Aidan.


Before beginning my course, and even at points throughout the first 6 months, I questioned how I would juggle the course, my business, my two year old & my voluntary commitments- but 11 months later here I am with grades far exceeding what I believed I could achieve.

I feel totally filled with pride that I have studied and completed an entire Access Diploma independently, this fills me with confidence for the future, and has restored my faith in my abilities. Thank you to my wonderful tutors for your support! Whether you have work commitments, a family or are a more mature student, do not let that stand in the way of achieving your dreams when the DLC provide you with the flexibility to incorporate study into your day-to-day lives. Myscha-dene.


At last! I finally found a course that was right for me, which meant I did not have to give up work for a year AND it also provided me with the qualification that I needed to apply for University. I took the Access to Primary Teaching and have now been offered a place at University and am due to start in September.

It takes a lot of self motivation, determination and enthusiasm to keep pushing yourself through this process, but now it has reached the end, I am so proud of my achievement. If you are reading this then you have already decided that you want to make a change, and you should start with the DLC! I am so pleased that I did. Jo.

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