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What our students say 2014-2015 page 6

"Courses are focused towards particular degree subjects and are professionally up-to-date"

Their assessments challenged me to evaluate, think and write at near-university level - Elisa Long


Fab5 Award Nominee

I have recently finished my access course in Law at DistanceLearningCentre.com just in time for the June moderation. Studying with them not only taught me the necessary skills for higher education and beyond − ranging from critical and evaluative thinking to academic developments in writing, it also became a lifeline in terms of obtaining educational qualifications for university since it allowed me to dedicate my time to studying whilst also doing other projects, especially for someone like me who splits their time between the UK and overseas and was homeschooled.

Being a DistanceLearningCentre.com student was amazing since it has helped and offered me support in a way that I would not have got otherwise. First and foremost, the tutor support was excellent, offering advice whenever there was a query to be answered, providing feedback that was constructive, inquiring on my path to university from time to time, and encouraging me to keep up the good work even if some of it had to be referred. Secondly, the course content was easy to understand whilst also resourceful, plus their assessments challenged me to evaluate, think and write at near-university level whilst at the same time encouraging development of academic skills. Finally, the course schedules and the moderation motivated me to not only be dedicated fully to the course, but also to ensure that my work was up to a good, if not high, standard and quality.

Overall, my experience at DistanceLearningCentre.com may have been challenging at times (in terms of studying), but eventually it was a rewarding and fun one. Thanks them, as well as my supportive tutor, I have managed to secure a place on a distance learning Law degree at the University of Northumbria in September 2015, which I am looking forward to starting. It has also opened up new windows of opportunity, both of which I would not have been able to achieve were it not for them.

Thank you DistanceLearningCentre.com and my amazing tutor for helping me achieve my goals and dreams; you were all helpful and supportive! (Jun 15)

Useful and constructive feedback was always given shortly after completing assignments - Rhys Birch


Fab5 Award Nominee

Having decided that I want to change my career path, but being short on qualifications, I decided to enrol on the Access to Allied Healthcare Professions Diploma with DistanceLearningCentre.com in October 2014. I was initially concerned how I would fare working full time and studying a demanding course, however I quickly learned that the staff at were very supportive and the course was well structured and offered flexibility, which was essential due to my unpredictable shift work. This enabled me to complete the course in time for the June moderation and surpass expectations and targets I had set myself.

I applied for university through UCAS and again found that both staff and materials DistanceLearningCentre.com provided were of great help during this process. I subsequently have an offer to study at Brunel University London in September 2015.

Overall I have had a very good experience with DistanceLearningCentre.com, the tutors were of great help and always quick to respond to queries. Useful and constructive feedback was always given shortly after completing assignments. I would recommend them to family and friends. (Jun 15)

Nothing can take away from the great sense of achievement when you complete your last assessment - Elisabeth Franks


For years I have been wanting to study physiotherapy but having been out of education for 10 years I wasn't quite ready to jump into a degree and had serious doubts about my ability to do so! I have just completed an Access to Physiotherapy course. The course materials were very informative and the assessments were structured in a way that was easy to follow.

Although at times I found some assessments challenging my overall experience was very rewarding, the tutors at DistanceLearningCentre.com have been excellent and very supportive through the more challenging times offering sound advice and always so happy to help!

I worked full-time during my course, I'm not sure I would recommend it but it is possible, however it took me an extra 2 months to finish my course, but nothing can take away from the great sense of achievement when you complete your last assessment!!

I was offered a place at on a Physiotherapy course at Auckland University of Technology, I declined as I am moving to Australia and will look to apply to a University there. The course has led to me feeling, confident and ready for the next step! Thank you DistanceLearningCentre.com! (Jun 15)

Courses are focused towards particular degree subjects and are professionally up-to-date - Vivienne King


Fab5 Award Nominee

I'm grateful to DistanceLearningCentre.com and its tutors for providing me with the opportunity to gain my diploma and secure a place at university. The way the course was set up allowed me to study when and where I wanted to and I developed independent study skills that I know will be invaluable in the future. An excellent element of the course was how it helped me to prepare for filling in my UCAS application and for university interviews. I'm sure it was this preparation that gave me an advantage on interview days. Courses are focused towards particular degree subjects, have vocational aspects and are professionally up-to-date, so you already know much about your chosen field when you apply to universities.

I think prospective students should be aware of the hard work they will need to put in! At times it seemed as if I had a mountain to climb to achieve my goal (I have a pre-school child, a teenager with learning difficulties and a part-time job); but with help from my husband, family and friends and the fact that my tutors were very understanding about my circumstances, giving me the flexibility to study at my own pace, I eventually completed everything with the bonus of gaining high grades. (Jun 15)

One day a wonderful friend of mine told me about DistanceLearningCentre.com - Amy Rayner


I've always wanted to be nurse for as long as I could remember, but due to my poor grades at school I learnt to accept that was never going to happen, so I went in the direction of social care, working as a support worker for 6 years for adults with learning disabilities, which in itself was a very rewarding career but not my dream.

Then one day a wonderful friend of mine told me about DistanceLearningCentre.com and how she was doing her midwifery through them and signed me up! Now thanks to her and the amazing support I have had from my tutors over the past 12 months I can finally say I am one step closer to achieving that dream! So thank you so much to DistanceLearningCentre.com and my tutors. I still need to re-do my GCSE Maths and English but I feel like I can finally see the finish line!! (Jun 15)