How much time do you need??

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How much time do you need??

Postby ashbash1996 » Thu Apr 25, 2019 2:14 pm

I am currently enrolled on Acsses to HE in allied health professionals. I am just wounding how much time you need for studying and the assessments? I work full time in the Army I want to go on to become a student Paramedic next year. Do you think this is do able? Also what are the assessments like? Course work or like a test? :?:

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Karen Hayday
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Re: How much time do you need??

Postby Karen Hayday » Fri Apr 26, 2019 6:28 pm

Hi Ashbash,
Starting now is really good as you have to have finished your studies by the end of May 2020 to go to university in September. This means that you will have a good time to finish each assessment without rushing (best if you are working full time) generally we say that it takes two weeks to complete a 3 credit assessment and 4 weeks for a 6. You will have two exams as part of two 6 credit units so they will be within the month deadline. There is loads of help with every assessment and you tutor will go through them with you, there are also some podcasts to go with them where we think that extra help is needed. My best advise is ask your tutor as that is what they are there for and they are experts in their field.
Hope that this helps
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