Writing for meaning Essay Preparation

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Writing for meaning Essay Preparation

Postby Gayle1909 » Sun Feb 23, 2014 5:03 pm


I'm sure this may be a stupid question but I have to ask, I'm doing all my research in preparation for writing my essay and I'm not sure what type of research evidence and notes I'm supposed to submit.

Currently my notes are printouts from the internet where I've highlighted relevant sections for my essay. I've also typed up some sections into easier to read lingo! Is this what they are after? Or should they be neatly typed up? They only make sense to me in their current format and I'm not sure what to do! It also says to use visual devices? Does this mean I should be creating my own diagrams etc, or is highlighting things enough?

Basically my notes look a complete mess to anybody else tat would read them, however they make perfect sense to me!

This is all getting a bit scary as its only my first module and I'm already feeling slightly out of my depth :-(

Please help

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Re: Writing for meaning Essay Preparation

Postby Rhia Hayday » Mon Feb 24, 2014 1:10 pm

Hello - firstly, don't worry. If you make a mistake on this assessment then you can resubmit with some guidance from your tutor. Remember that this assessment is to help you start to hone your essay planning and writing skills - it's not something to be scared of, but to really take advantage of. After all, it's not graded, and if this is your first assessment, you've got GCSEs and are doing this as practice and a refresher anyway ...

Anyway, in answer to your question ...

Have another look at page 13 of the assessment:

To conduct effective research, you must be a ‘proactive’ reader. This means that you need to:
 take notes
 highlight key relevant sections
 underline important passages, phrases or words
 think about the author's intention as you read – remember that nothing is without bias. The author has an opinion just as you have an opinion.
Furthermore, unless you do this, you will find it difficult to retain the information. As a further aid to understanding and memorising information, you should also mark up your research or your notes using visual devices:
 use colour, diagrams and pictures to draw your attention to the important sections, and to summarise their meaning.

So from what you have said, you've done most of this - the visual devises are using things like mindmaps, spider diagrams etc. They will really help you remember the information, and help you to recall your ideas and plans when you are writing your essay. It doesn't matter if some of your notes are a bit messy - they are for you and your essay development. You may find them easier to use if they are a bit neater though - a tidy mind and all that!

Hope this helps?
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Re: Writing for meaning Essay Preparation

Postby Tattie » Mon Feb 24, 2014 7:52 pm

sounds like your notes are what they are meant to be YOUR notes. I just scanned mine in and copied and pasted into the asignment. printed a copy for me and sent the originals with the whole assignment. I used highlightly mainly, underlining, arrows: boxes etc but mind maps sound good....will remember for future reference.

good luck

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