TAQ 1 - Layout

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TAQ 1 - Layout

Postby Daisymoocow » Tue Mar 08, 2011 5:37 pm

Just wondered if someone could answer this quick one for me?! The layout for the report - does it need to include all of the following:
Introduction, aim, hypothesis, null hypothesis, method, results, discussion, conclusion, references, appendix? Just like the maths investigation? And the materials state that the non-experimental write up of reports should include an abstract - so do we include this too? Im confused over what they actualy want? I thought a hypothesis was used in an investigation? to either prove or disprove? But here we are writing a report? I would have thought it would be written in more of an essay style - detailing the pros and cons of each institution?

I dont want to start off on the wrong foot - and would dearly love to get a merit or distinction for this unit - so want to do the best I can :-)
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Re: TAQ 1 - Layout

Postby Rhia Hayday » Wed Mar 09, 2011 11:43 am

I'm quite happy to accept reports in the format of the Maths assessment (eg. Hypothesis: University A is the best university because x, y, z) and you can deal with it in terms of an investigation (title would be An investigation into finding the best University for Psychology in the West of England. Or dealing with it in terms of the non-experimental report with the abstract also works. Whichever one you chose, make sure that you follow the methodology of the content and you'll be fine
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