First TAQ and my brain is frazzled

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First TAQ and my brain is frazzled

Postby Mrsbertie » Tue Jan 16, 2018 10:38 pm

I have the task of writing an essay on gender stereotyping, I just cannot get my head into it. I'm reading the suggested materials over and over again but its so tough I just don't know what I'm doing. I read it and feel like if it was in "simple" terms maybe I would understand it. Even reading the questions I find it asking me to do a million tasks. Is writing an essay really this difficult??
Feeling really disheartened :(

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Re: First TAQ and my brain is frazzled

Postby Rhia Hayday » Wed Jan 17, 2018 12:26 pm

Hi - it sounds like it would be really good for you to have a tutorial so you can talk over the assessment. Please do this - your tutor will help you!

How far through the assessment have you got? It's very much a staged task-driven assessment. I'll talk you through it now (but obviously you might have done some of this already!)

1. open up the assessment AND the answer sheet together. This has a table to fill in, and by doing so you'll be completing the first TAQs.

2. Print out the 2 sources. Having them on paper so that you can highlight, underline and make notes is really useful.

3. Read through them and annotate (highlight, underline, make notes) them

4. Jot down some of your notes and thoughts in the table on the answer sheet

5. Decide on the theme/sub-topic/bit about gender stereotyping that you want to focus your essay on. Write this in your table on the answer sheet

6. Using this, form your question. Use the TAQ examples to help you. You've now completed TAQ1.


Here you're breaking down and planning your essay. Do it step by step and complete the table. The table is there to help guide your plan. Eg in the introduction box, bullet point 2 or 3 things that you will write about in your essay's introduction. Below this, add in the source/s that you'll use, and explain why this is a good source to use. Eg your source might give a statistic about gender stereotyping, and it's a good and valid source because it is based on an academic study, rather than something that a friend said when you were chatting to them the other day (over the top example, but hopefully it illustrates what I mean!)

TAQ3 - here you use your plan to construct the essay. The plan should be a shorthand version of your essay, so it's just a case of using this as your building blocks to write an essay. The plan is your opportunity to think about the structure of your argument, and writing it pulls it all together.

If you would like to complete the plan and send it to your tutor to look at, then please do.

I hope this helps?
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