GCSE results from Aug 2018

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GCSE results from Aug 2018

Postby Karen Hayday » Mon Sep 24, 2018 3:04 pm

Congratulations to those who have achieved their GCSEs and IGCSEs this summer:

IGCSE English Language: 100% pass rate (4-9) with 40% achieving a 7 and above (old A/A*)

GCSE Maths: 55% pass rate (4-9) including one student achieving a 9 - a wonderful achievement that only 3.6% of entries in the country achieved

IGCSE Sciences (Biology/Chemistry/Physics): 58.3% pass rate (A*-C) with 33.3% achieving A/A*

Well done to everyone of our learners - amazing results that we hope you're very proud of!

(Nationally 160,519 students aged 17 or older took Maths GCSE. Of these 22.1% achieved a Pass (4+) compared to 55% of our learners. So an extra special congratulations is due if you are one of those to achieve a 4/C or above…)

So well done everyone

Karen :thumbup:
DLC Executive Director

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