Ascentis and Open Awrds

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Ascentis and Open Awrds

Postby Lisacara » Mon Oct 13, 2014 7:54 pm


Can some one please help I was studying with open Awards but the next module my tutor has given me is from Ascentis.I have just completed the Level 3 in Communication module and have been given Study Skills a lot of the work is duplicated so was double checking myself


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Re: Ascentis and Open Awrds

Postby Rhia Hayday » Mon Oct 13, 2014 9:35 pm

Hi Lisa - it's likely that although you may have started on Open Awards, you have been transferred onto Ascentis. This is a really good thing, so please don't worry! It does sound like you may have been given the incorrect next code though. If you are using any level 2 credits (exemptions or not), then you will have done Personal Writing (which be 'Study Skills' on your certificate as it'll be mapped across), and should now be on 'Introduction to Education Theory and Practice'. If you haven't used any level 2 credits you will now be doing 'Further Study Skills', for which you will need the Study Skills Guide 'How to Prepare for a Presentation'. Either way, your tutor may have given you the code for the Study Skills Guides to help you throughout your studies. There are similarities with the old Communications and the new Study Skills, but hopefully the new Study Skills Guides will be more helpful throughout your Diploma. As you can see, there are different possibilities as to why your tutor has given you these codes, and to be honest, the best thing is to have a chat with them about it. All students were sent lots of info about the new Diploma from Karen - if you have any other questions about this feel free to ask me here, or to talk to your tutor about it.
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