Child Development TAQ 1 Anyone

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Child Development TAQ 1 Anyone

Postby Gems08 » Thu Oct 02, 2014 9:04 pm

Please can someone save me?

i just dont understand and dont know where to start, i have spent the last week reading and reading but nothing seems to be making sense and i just cant answer these questions :pray:

i have only a few modules left, i can honstly say this module is making me ill :silent:

2.1 Explain the extent to which conditioning has been used in the shaping of behaviour
2.2 Discuss the appropriateness of behavioural methods in terms of effectiveness and ethics
2.3 Critically evaluate the use of power assertion techniques in enforcing restriction, compared with other psychological methods
3.1 Define social learning and relate experimental evidence.
3.2 Critically evaluate the impact of modelling on child development.

i need pointing in the right direction, i have emailed my tutor to arrange a call but really want to make a start as i have wasted enough time.

i would be greatful for anything :pray:

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Re: Child Development TAQ 1 Anyone

Postby Karen Hayday » Tue Oct 07, 2014 9:52 am


I have just found this post. Actually lots of the information is in the materials and there are links on the assessment to important document.

However, you are looking social learning theory for 2.1
2.2 Ethics and conditioning, look at conditioning experiments they are in the materials
2.3 There is an explanation of what this means in the assessment
3.1 back to social learning materials, library and assessment info
3.2 Still on social learning theory

Best wishes

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