Online Level 1 Functional Skills in Mathematics with full course information
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Functional Skills Maths Level 1

Available from early 2019

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Studied and externally assessed entirely online.

Maths sum

What you will study:

You learn to deal with Mathematical problems that will help you develop skills in representing, analysing and interpreting information.

Examples of the types of task you will work on include, but are not limited to:

  • Converting units of measure in the same system
  • Working out areas and perimeters in practical situations
  • Marking geometric diagrams, models and shapes
  • Using information from tables, diagrams, charts and graphs
  • Collecting and representing different data
  • Finding the mean and range
  • Using data to assess the likelihood of an outcome

How can I use this qualification?

Functional Skills Maths Level 1 prepares you for progression to Functional Skills Level 2 or GCSE Maths.

Level 1 Functional Skills qualifications can also be used to meet the requirements of Intermediate Level Apprenticeships.

How long will it take?

This is intended to be a fast-track course, studied over 12 weeks or less. To achieve the qualification you will be required to commit to approximately 45 hours of guided learning.

How am I assessed?

You will be required to pass an externally set and marked assessment which tests your ability to use Maths in practical settings such as: Work and education / Community, citizenship and environment / Family, home and social issues.

You will only sit the externally set and marked assessment when you are ready, and our Exams department arranges this at a time that is convenient for you.

The cost of the assessment is included in the course fee and it is completed and invigilated entirely online.

There are no restrictions on resitting this qualification but this will incur an additional fee.

Do I need to buy a text book?

No. You will have access to our high quality and skills-focused learning materials that will teach you to develop the skills needed to pass the Functional Skills assessments. Everything you need to pass the exams are in the materials.

Fees to be confirmed

Your tutor

Your tutor is both your personal support and your subject specialist teacher. They were chosen for their expert subject knowledge and qualifications, and for their skills in supporting and motivating adults who may have been out of education for some time. They are there to support you and guide your studies, and you will be in regular contact over email, the phone and Skype. They know how to help you to improve, develop and advance as you progress through the course.

To a great extent, their role adapts to your own personal needs as a learner. Some learners like a lot of interaction and support, whereas others may prefer to get on with things on their own and check their progress less regularly. This is your choice but you will always been entitled to a telephone or Skype call once a week and email support within 24 hours of your request (except weekends). Your tutor is there to make sure that your time with us is as successful and enjoyable as possible.

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