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ABID Structure

How are ABID Courses structured?

The Diploma is student-centred and is designed to encourage you to develop transferable skills in critical, reflective and ethical thinking, self-directed, confident independent learning, in both personal and academic development and in employability. A major feature of the programme is that it allows you to use a flexible approach to learning: through distance learning, you have to develop skills to enable you to take responsibility for your own learning, and develop time-management and high-level research skills.

The structure of each ABID Course is designed to provide you with subject knowledge which we know is most relevant to the degree you are aiming for and chosen through experience and consultation to find out what British Universities most want to see.

Rather than studying several Subjects at the same time, you work through the course Subject by Subject. From many years of providing online learning, we have found that this approach enables you to achieve better results than studying several Subjects at once.

Each Diploma is split into:

  • Academic Skills
    • You study this Subject first and it is not subject specific.
    • This Subject helps you to learn the skills you require to succesfully progress on the rest of course.
    • It also supports you with your UCAS Application for University.
    • This Subject is made up of 2 Units.
    • It makes up 5% of the final mark.
  • Two or more specialist Subjects
    • Within each Subject you are supported by a qualified tutor who has a degree relevant to that subject.
    • Each Subject is made up of a number of Units.
    • Each Unit is studied one at a time.
    • The weighting of Subjects and Units varies according to which ABID you study.
    • These specialist Subjects make up the remaining 95%.

The Course Learning Materials include Self-Assessment Questions (SAQs) and activities. You will be required to upload your SAQs, to demonstrate your learning, before you can start the formal Assessment for the Unit. More about course assessment >>>

The Learning Materials and Assessments (pdf files) for each Unit are password protected and the passwords will be provided for you by your tutor as you work through your studies.

Your Certificate, awarded by Ascentis at the end of your Course, will show a Mark for each Unit which makes up the final Mark/Percentage for the whole qualification.

Whilst you do not have to study or pass every Unit to pass the Diploma, Units which are not studied will show as 0% against the Unit on your final Certificate.