Access to HE Course Structure

The Full Access Course is worth 60 Credits, which is the standard number of Credits required to enter Higher Education. You can gain more Credits if required or just pick selected Modules and gain a Certificate for those you complete.

Modules & Credits

The course structure depends on the Access Diploma you choose. Course materials are available as downloads from this Web Site.

MODULES - The Courses are split into Modules of which a number are compulsory, depending on the Diploma you choose. Other Modules are chosen from a range of options. We tend to recommend particular Modules depending on the HE Course which you are planning to study when you complete your Access Diploma. The List of Access Diplomas is the best way to find out the Modules which relate to your preferred Course.

CREDITS - The compulsory Modules at Level 2 make up a maximum of 15 Credits. The rest of the Modules are all at Level 3 making up a minimum of 45 Credits. The complete Access Diploma is therefore worth 60 credits. If you require more than 60 credits you can study additional Modules. Alternatively, if you do not want to complete a full course but want to increase your knowledge and gain Certification in specific areas, you may just choose to study selected Modules.


Each Module is split into Units, all of which include self-assessment questions and activities so you can test your own learning as you go. Answers to these are found at the end of each Unit.

The files for each Unit are password protected and the passwords will be provided for you by your tutor as you work through the course. We have included an example part of a Unit for download here so you can get an idea of how the materials work.

pdf file  Example Part Unit Sample from The Self and Social Skills Module, Social Interaction Unit.