Access to HE Course Structure

The Full Access Course is worth 60 Credits, which is set as the standard number of Credits required to enter Higher Education.

What choice is available?

The Access HE Diploma courses are comprised of specific pathways which are relevant to the degree you are aiming for. Each Subject is split into a number of topics that include Self-Assessment Questions (SAQ's) and activities. Each unit is assessed by the completion of the Tutor Assessed Questions (TAQ's) which form a formal assessment. Because many universities want to see evidence of examination style assessments DLC offer an examination either via Skype or at our offices in each of the major subject sets you will take as part of the diploma.

Whichever pathway you choose you will always complete:

  1. Study skills at level 3 (ungraded)
  2. Research Methods at level 3 (graded)
  3. Introductory level 3 units in the academic subject sets.

In many of the diplomas there is a choice where you can take some level 2 English and maths units which will allow you to brush up on your skills before moving on to the academic units.

The English and Mathematics Units are assessed at Level 2, which is at the same level as a grade C at GCSE. The English and Mathematics, however, are not GCSE equivalences. Therefore, if your university requires you to achieve GCSE's then you will need to study a separate GCSE course. The fees page explains the costs.

If you already have GCSE grade Cs or above in English Language and Maths gained less than 10 years ago, you can ask to be accredited for prior learning and may not have to complete these level 2 units in English and Maths. You will also be eligible to take the level 3 only option of the diploma where all the credits you take are at level 3, rather than having some units at level 2. This is new offer by DLC for 2014-15 because some universities are asking for 60 credits at level 3 before offering places on degree courses, or would prefer students who have completed a programme of study which consists of all level 3 units.

However, according to Ascentis's rules of combination if you have a GCSE in Maths and or English at grade C or above you will be exempt from taking our level 2 units if you choose a diploma option that includes level 2 maths and English.

Modules, Credits & Units

To achieve an Access Diploma you must complete a programme of study which will allow you to complete 60 credits, of which at least 45 must be at Level 3 (A-Level standard) and must be graded pass, merit or distinction. The further 15 credits can be either at level 2 or 3 and are graded as a pass only.

The credits are put together into units, and each unit on the course is made up of three or six credits.

MODULES - The Courses are split into Modules of which a number are compulsory, depending on the Diploma you choose.

CREDITS - 15 of the Credits can be at either Level 2 or Level 3 (ungraded). The rest of the Modules are all at Level 3 (graded) making up a further 45 Credits. The complete Access Diploma is therefore worth 60 credits.

Each Module is split into Units, all of which include self-assessment questions and activities so you can test your own learning as you go. Answers to these are found at the end of each Unit.

The files for each Unit are password protected and the passwords will be provided for you by your tutor as you work through the course.

pdf file  Example Part Unit Sample from The Self and Social Skills Module, Social Interaction Unit.